The medical exception

In all scientific disciplines such as chemistry and physics, students build their knowledge through diligent study of the works of the pioneers and the leading researchers who preceded them in the field. They discover the principles and laws deduced from the observation of nature. Nobody in their right mind would venture to challenge them without first having solid background knowledge of the matter, unless of course they enjoy public ridicule.

Interestingly, the opposite is usually the case in medicine, especially when it comes to homeopathy: anyone can become a self-proclaimed homeopath and feel entitled to prescribe white round pellets within only a few weekends of “training”. This average, mediocre, not to say floundering kind of studies is clearly inconsistent with the medical ethic considering the number of patients who come seeking relief from the only therapeutic that can afford it, and yet find themselves abused at the hand of its supposed practitioners. A poorly learned, misunderstood and misapplied homeopathy, why on earth would it yield the brilliant results that we are entitled to expect from it were we to follow the therapeutic principles and laws instead of tampering with the health of trusting people?


Render unto Caesar …

Homeopathy was discovered by Samuel Hahnemann, the logical thing to do is to begin by studying his work, chiefly his seminal book The Organon. Hahnemann compiled in its six successive editions the result of 55 years of clinical research and reflections spread over some 300 aphorisms.

Here one may object that Hahnemann died in 1843, what could a book so old teach us about medicine seeing the titanic advances of the past century? The answer lies in the fact that modern medicine, unlike each and every other science, is not based on the observance of laws deduced from observation and experimentation. The pompous Evidence-based medicine exists and is maintained only by a rowdy and fraudulent propaganda.


Organized fraud as a medical system

We’d like more truth and less custom-made « evidence” by laboratories. Mark Twain said it best in his great humor: « There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” British humor oblige, Churchill declared that he only gives credit to statistics he fudged himself! This is not to be understood as a discounting of the importance of surgery, medical biology, or medical imaging techniques such as MRI and X-ray, the grievance is directed « only » against current therapeutics! If one could afford to use such a mild word as « only » with the art of chronically poisoning almost all of humanity…

We denounce statistics, the system’s main pillar, the weapon of mass manipulation, the symbol of diversion and of the confiscation of the spirit of science by an industrial clique. Indeed, instead of admitting once and for all that the mechanism of disease depends exclusively on the susceptibility of each individual, they persist in believing –and teaching young doctors– that we all get sick because of the same factors that cause us to develop identical diseases … to which of course we can apply statistics and mass medication. Should we remind that to truly conform to science is to adapt our measurements to the observed phenomena and not to format events as to be fitted for our tools!

And for a century, the therapeutic approach remained the same, albeit shrouded in an aura of pseudoscience with the help of statistics: consensus conferences where specialists meet once a year –preferably in sumptuous resorts, bankrolled by laboratories– to decide about the treatments to adopt for the coming year. Their decision being ultimately relayed to all doctors by medical door-to-door-saleswomen whose cleavages are the deepest things about this entire medicine.

This institutionalized clinical groping called medical « progress » is therefore nothing but a fad that physicians strive to adhere to in order to feel « on the cutting edge.” Year after year, they fool patients into believing that this or that latest discovery is the “much awaited hope” that would finally solve their particular condition.


Homeopathy: finally making a science out of medicine

Homeopathy is light years ahead of this media-orchestrated chaos, and those bloated egos. To have an idea, take Newton’s Principia. In this timeless book published in 1687, the scientist depicts equations that are still to this day necessary to understand the movement of celestial bodies, to place a satellite in orbit, and to land a probe on the surface of Titan. Although more than three centuries old, the book never aged. Why? Because it describes laws patiently deduced from observation, and because the scientist did not mix into it any speculation or interpretation.

What Newton did for physics, Hahnemann has done for medicine. This is why the Organon has not aged either. The understanding of morbid phenomena it contains will remain eternally true.

And what a treat it is to delve into it, savoring how every word is weighed, and how every phrase is so complete and logical as to make it difficult to move any punctuation lest we alter the depth of its meaning and undermine it, like we would a Mozart score.


The Organon, the pillar of homeopathy

The Organon is not a closed system consisting of rigid rules, it’s just the opposite: every aphorism is the beginning of a new horizon of knowledge. Each new reading propels us a little higher, to discover new heights. I confess that every passage of the Organon sends shivers down my spine. No doubt this is partly due to an amplified sensitivity, honed by thirty years spent listening to patients. And yet, it is not just that, nor is it a kind of idolatry for Hahnemann whom I spent so many years trying to find fault with. No, it is the shudder of wonder one feels when discovering a truth that is beyond oneself, when one witnesses this mathematical beauty Einstein attributed to the presence of God.

How wonderful to realize that with every advance we make in our understanding of the Organon we touch upon new heights in therapeutics! And each of our progressions moves us a bit further from the shores of allopathy and its arbitrariness, and closer to the true nature of disease in order to better perceive it and destroy it.

Let us look closer at the verb perceive we just used above instead of understand which would have come more naturally in this context. Proponents of the ancient medicine continually proclaim that they understand diseases, with charts to back their claim; they would expound nice theories meant to explain why you are suffering. But curiously, no results are ever there to follow it up: a mountain giving birth to a microscopically tiny mouse as alwa

The Organon teaches us from the first aphorism that we must renounce the reductionist approach, which does not work for medicine. All those who persist on that road are running after an illusion, believing naively that they could « understand » that which is fleeting by definition –each new answer raises a thousand questions. One reason we can assume reductionism may have borne fruit in the science of the inert world is that atoms have not changed since the creation of the universe, while biological entities have not ceased evolving for at least 3 billion years.


A medicine based on facts and not just guesswork

Therefore, the conventional treatment based on reductionist assumptions- hence, ultimately always proven false – is even less likely to be of any effectiveness given than it targets a single symptom caring not a bit about the clinical reality of a patient displaying a totality of symptoms.

Paradoxically, conventional medicine which claims to treat diseases’ etiology is ultimately only symptomatic, whereas all homeopathy does is to simply observe symptoms, which are the unique expression of the invisible « out of tune » interior, and provide the only true possibility for cure.

We could amuse ourselves by pointing out the large number of paradoxes as we progress in our study of homeopathy, not the least important of which is the fact that conventional medicine still scores so few results despite its ever more expensive and more toxic treatments, while homeopathy cures using cheap drugs than anyone could prepare at home. Here perhaps lies the reason for the ongoing war against us, which is waxing angrier as the collapse of the conventional system looms larger.

To better appreciate this ideological, conceptual, financial and industrial war, with its incalculable stakes, we must realize that the old and the new medical schools stand on absolutely opposite sides. In a society based on image –rather voyeurism indeed– hardly anyone is trained to perceive with the mind. Everything must readily be presented to the eyes, and often no more depth or reflection could be fostered. How Hahnemann, with only observation and reflection reached such a conceptual perfection leaves us to this day in blissful astonishment. The new medicine is based on the observation that the heavy, material, measurable and inert world is moved by a vital force.

After a compelling logical development conducted by Hahnemann from the early aphorisms of the Organon, we are led to leave the materialistic medicine and discover that diseases’ only cause is a mistuning of the vital force.


A shift that threatens vested interests

This paradigm shift has aroused since the beginning of homeopathy fierce opposition from the materialists, for whom everything must be measured, felt, weighed and objectified. We would like to ask one of these gentlemen to measure and produce evidence of their love for their spouse or their children for instance. Such love is undeniably present, often with a rare intensity, why can’t they measure it then? And can we deny it just because it could not?

Thus, homeopathy and its small doses became an easy target: ancient medicine continues to prescribe the tolerable maximum, while homeopathy demonstrates that we should treat with the necessary minimum. Too revolutionary, and too unaccommodating for many agendas; homeopathy is under constant attack from the industrial lobby. There are actually only two possible strategies to try to discredit homeopathy through the media, which have been for long now in the system’s pay.

The first and oldest as we have seen is to ridicule the use of infinitesimal doses while turning a stubbornly blind eye to the pile of studies that prove their activity in vitro and in vivo. This is how the entire homeopathic edifice composed of 300 aphorisms gets reduced to one detail: the potencies. This strategy is common currency in advertisement and politics and it is nothing but mental manipulation based on three classic points: -the repetition of the message -focusing on a single question -and the abstraction of context. In his time, Galileo had to similarly face such pseudo-arguments, so bright in the eyes of ignoramuses, but of complete ineptness in the eyes of educated people, « If the earth is really rotating, then birds should fly faster towards the East! » To cut short any argument, it is sufficient, for example, to speak only of a kind of homeopathy that uses doses that still contain physical traces such as 9 or 12 c. And then what? What other ammunition do they have to destroy the rest of the huge Organon? Seeing how easy it is for us to designate the absurdities of conventional medicine!

This would be the second line of the anti-homeopathy war: prevent proper education of homeopathy, facilitate the mushrooming of many self-proclaimed homeopaths, ridicule the incompetent fools, the quacks, the harebrained, etc. It’s easy to point the finger at these supposedly homeopathic treatments with their catastrophic results and call for a ban of this fatal medicine! One of the success stories of this strategy is the USA where we find the American Medical Association whose constitution states in its second article: « the eradication of homeopathy from American soil. » Ever since the early twentieth century, an increasing number of poorly trained practitioners were called homeopaths simply because they happened to also prescribe homeopathic doses among other treatments. Their resounding failures were widely publicized. So, under the fallacious pretext of safety, oil industrials were able to close down 27 homeopathic hospitals despite a mortality rate 10 times lower than that of conventional hospitals. The chain of transmission of knowledge was broken, and homeopathy almost vanished for that.


Magna est veritas, et praevalebit !

But it is said in Latin “Magna est veritas, et praevalebit ! », truth is mighty and will prevail; Once discovered, it may be delayed but never stifled. Today everyone can see the failure of conventional therapeutics and the degradation in the level of health of the entire population (100,000 autistic children in France to name just one example), and interest in homeopathy is rekindled.

We need to integrate the lessons of the past, struggle against chaos and muddle, and ensure that homeopathy is properly taught, which entails a need to be clearly defined. In 1877, faced with the same dangers, Dr. Adolph Lippe –nicknamed the Prince of prescribers– issued a Declaration of Homeopathic Principles which today is the mainstay of our Planete Homeo website.

The legitimacy of our discourse and our teaching then is derived solely from The Organon and the other works of the Founder, which we strive to understand and implement. Everyone is entitled to think as they like and treat patients as they see fit; everyone is free to either follow or not the laws of nature, but in this case we ask those who exercise this freedom to please recognize that homeopathy is defined by specific criteria and that accordingly they cannot call what they practice homeopathy.


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