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Homeopathy in diseases of infants.

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Diseases of infants C. LIPPE, M. D., NEW YORK. The homeopathic physician, July 1881, Vol 1 For the selection of the proper homoeopathic remedy in diseases of infants, we have only the symptoms observed in the patient for our guide ; and at times, by those symptoms we can discover the kind of pain and the locality. First is to …

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Ebola: a short account

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By Dr. Edouard Broussalian Many of you have been pressing me to write up an account of my 10 day stay in Liberia, I am herein complying, although it turned out the whole story doesn’t add up to much. Believe it or not, a group of homeopaths took to Liberia to lend a hand in treating Ebola Patients, or more …

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Individuality of patient and homeopathic remedy

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The Individuality of Men and of Drugs BY J. C. HOLLOWAY, M. D., GALESBVRG. ILL. The Homeopathician, February 1912   “There is, therefore, no other possible way in which the peculiar effects of medi­cines on the health of individuals can be accurately ascertained – there is no sure, no more natural way of accomplishing this object, than to administer the …

Viburnum Opulus -A fragmentary Proving.

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VIBURNUM OPULUS.—Linn, (Vib. Oxycoccus, of some authors). BY H. C. ALLEN, M.D., ANN ARBOR. The Homeopathic Physician, Vol. I. MARCH, 1881. N°.3. Natural order: Caprifoliaceæ. Common name: Cranberry Tree. Grows on low grounds, along streams ; common northward and southward in the Alleghanies to the borders of Maryland, (and in Canada, Northern and Western States.). Flowers in June and July. …

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Fatal Errors: Eclecticism.

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BY AD. LIPPE, M.D., PHILA. The homeopathic Physician, Ferbruary 1881, Vol. 1, N°2. GONZALVO C. SMYTHE, M.D., in his work on “Medical Heresies,” commits a fatal error in the last sentence of his otherwise very welcome book. “This kind of homoeopathy will not stand the test of recent advances in science.” The only test of the kind of homoeopathy here …

Homeopathy: what is & what is not.

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Dr. A. H. Arndt, Cleveland, Ohio. The Homeopathician, 1912.  What it is not: 1. Homœopathy is not a new thing. Hippo­crates, Galen, Haller, Stork, and many other great teachers in medicine, were familiar with the homœopathic law of cure. Samuel Hahnemann (German physician and scien­tist) first recognized its full value and made its application general. 2. Homœopathy is not a …

Hemorrhoids and their treatment.

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By DR. A. CHARGE, PARIS. The Homeopathic Physician, V.I., N°5, May 1881. [Translated and condensed from “La Bibliothèque Homéopathique,” Feb., 1881.]           THE principal symptoms of hæmorrhoidal disease are: –      a constant congestion at lower portion of rectum ; –      tumors, formed by a varicose dilatation of the veins at lower extremity of rectum and at …