To validate your course registration, please submit to us the following text as pdf file via email, duly completed, signed and with the required documents attached. 

This is fundamental to ensure medical secrecy, although cases are strictly anonymous.

Confidentiality agreement and Registration

Planete Homeo Homeopathic learning is based on intensive clinical training to ensure fast progress. This medical mentoring was lost the day our hospitals were closed down due to the schemes of large petrochemical industries in the early twentieth century. It is therefore both a precious opportunity and an extraordinary chance to revive this chain of knowledge, in order to guarantee a rapid implementation of this knowledge.

The patient, an object of care in conventional medicine, becomes a subject of care thanks to homeopathy. It is only because willing patients have given us their consent that you are able to watch videos of clinical cases. In no way is this an automatic right for anyone to access this content. Were you in the shoes of the patient, would you grant permission to freely expose your case without even knowing who will get to watch it?

Patients have given their consent only under the condition of absolute confidentiality and because they understood that the survival of homeopathy depends on their mobilization. Often, these patients may have been greatly helped by homeopathy and are now willing to fight alongside us to make it prosper. It behooves us all to fulfill this commitment which will enhance your learning experience. These people have agreed to confide in us some of their most intimate secrets about subjects they would probably never have discussed with anyone. Only under the strictest guarantees of the most comprehensive medical secrecy was such information disclosed.

I hereby agree to keep strictly confidential all information contained in the videos of patients as well as discussions about them. I commit not to make any recording of that content. I understand that discussions about cases should take place only during class and are only allowed among students, having previously ensured necessary measures to safeguard confidentiality.

I understand that failure to comply will result in immediate proceedings with a request for damages for prejudice suffered by Dr. Edouard Broussalian, the school Planete Homeo and the society HL Production. I recognize that the Geneva tribunal alone has jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.


Last Name________________________________________

First Name________________________________________

Born ____________________________________________

Address __________________________________________


Zip Code______________City_________________________

Country __________________________________________



In addition,  offenders will be banned and their access to the streams and the website revoked, with no possibility to register again.

I am aware that my participation during class may be recorded and will remain the property of HL Production,  the producers of the broadcasts.

Attached to this declaration are the following documents:

1) A scanned copy of a valid identity document, both sides.

2) A scanned copy of a proof of address (telephone bill, etc.), physicians and other qualified healthcare practitioners may simply send us a preprinted prescription form.

All of which to be sent to



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