Copyright of the website’s content COPYRIGHT HOMEOPATHIE

The copyright of the website has raised complex legal issues. Indeed, one of the goals of PLANETE HOMEO is to inform and disseminate accurate information about homeopathy.

For that matter, all content has been filed to ensure the recognition of the copyright so as content wouldn’t be used with no mention of its original source.

I recently had the displeasure to read an article presumably by an author, a lecturer of homeopathy as it happens, which proved to be no less than the verbatim reproduction (the copy/paste) of one of our articles! A behavior as egotistical as it is stupid, since a simple Google search brings up word for word the copyrighted original text…

The same problem arose in the U.S. where many free software developers have seen their work robbed by Microsoft. Volunteer work for the common good is one thing, seeing one’s work seized and commercialized by someone else is another.

Richard Stallman from the Free Software Foundation has been promoting since 1984 a new legal idea concerning this. Thus, Linux (like thousands of other free software) is an operating system distributed under a free license and nobody can change it or encapsulate it in a commercial product, without including the same conditions of freedom. FSF proposed such material to be distributed under the symbol © inverted as on a mirror with the mention « copyleft, » which is today a widespread practice. The same idea has been fitted for all written documents.

The customary copyright mention is therefore replaced here by a reference to Creative Commons license whose success is growing. This license means not that  » all rights are reserved » but that « some rights are reserved ». Readers are encouraged to copy and distribute the texts, but they are still under obligation to refer to the original by copying the original copyright statement.

This means :

– The author must be cited ( « by » ) .

– The text may not be used without my explicit permission, or for commercial purposes (« nc » for « not commercial »).

– He/she who wishes to modify/enhance this text should then released under the same license as the original ( « sa » for « share-alike »).

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