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How to enroll in the course?
Purchases are made on a monthly basis; each month you pay your access to the course. We will consider another option allowing a yearly payment of the entire course. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that online credit card payment is the only option we have for the moment. The payment is fully secure as it is made via Paypal.
Go to purchase a course package and follow the indicated steps.

A homeopathy course?

The whole edifice of homeopathy could in no way be conceived in terms other than the set of theorems that Hahnemann left us. This is prerequisite to effect outstanding cures, both in acute and in chronic cases. That is why the course extends over 3 successive years of study to acquaint you with the totality of the edifice. We will study the aphorisms in the organon, see countless of clinical cases, and study Meteria Medica remedies in depth.

Who is this course addressed to?

This training targets first and foremost health care professionals. Notably, medical students as this would allow them to immerse themselves from the outset in homeopathy, facilitating thus an early and easy disentanglement from the dominant medical paradigm.
Health care professionals include physicians, dentists, veterinarians, also pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and psychologists.
In a broader sense, are also welcome all those desiring to learn homeopathy in order to build solid arguments enabling them to defend homeopathy around them.

Is it a practical training course?
Yes indeed it is. I might say it is actually mostly a practical training. This is something that’s cruelly missing in our homeopathy courses ever since our homeopathic hospitals were closed down.
This course would allow you to witness clinical results, get acquainted with symptoms, observe directly how to approach cases, how to manage them and finally how to interpret the outcomes of the treatment during follow-ups.

How long does it take to complete the course?
The training consists in three levels, each lasting one year. Each level is split into 10 months and each month containing 20 hours of study between lectures and clinical cases.

Do we have to enroll for the entire year?
Of course not! You are free to chose the time period that most suits you, and the topics that interest you the most. It does however stand to reason to take the module of the entire year to be able to study and understand the set of theorems treated in those specific chapters of the Organon.

What are the available payment options?
Payment is secured by Paypal. You are required to pay using your credit card after which you will receive a bill directly to the email account you used to register on our website and forum.

Is it possible to interact with the lecturer?
Yes. You are invited to ask your questions live during the lectures. If for some reason this proves to be impossible, you can still ask any question you may have later on the forum. Dr. Broussalian or one of his senior students would be glad to answer you.

What is a clinical case?
It’s the practical part of this course. It is its backbone. It is what allows the transmission of the medical art through the practice of mentoring, which defines this discipline. Through this practice, seniors are able to teach beginners how to take a case, and gradually instill in them the art of observation. Observing a senior at work allows them to learn how to take the case, how to find relevant symptoms, how to manage the dose and its quantity, how to follow up the case, how to make a prognosis depending on the symptoms…etc. All of this takes place in a direct and pragmatic way before cameras so that all could see for themselves the results of the prescription. This is the only way for students to grow in their practice of homeopathy by leaps and bounds, and later propose quality services. Here is where the role of patients comes into play. By granting us the privilege of discussing their cases before cameras- and we are aware that this might constitute a sacrifice for some of them, patients would play a vital role in spreading pure homeopathy wider and wider.

Is there a final exam?
Yes, at the end of each year participants will have to take a written exam to proceed to the next year. This will enable physicians to obtain the ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy) diploma, achieving accreditation at a European level. Our school is accredited by the Swiss Society of Homeopathic Physicians (SSHP) and is certified for the continuous training of homeopaths in Switzerland.

What are the course fees?
We have gone out of our way to make this training affordable to the widest range of people. It costs 110 Euros/month. Medical students will be granted a generous discount to encourage their early introduction to homeopathy.

Is the course intended for the general public?
It is initially intended for health care professionals. Private individuals however are very much welcome to follow the course as this will allow them to understand and deal with common health problems around them, namely in pediatrics, and other frequent health issues, as well as discover in depth this approach to medicine diametrically opposed to the conventional one.

Will the course be streamed live?
All the talks will be made live of course. They will afterward be made available to watch at will. You are strongly encouraged to attend the talks live so that you could ask your question in real time.

My Internet connection is quite slow, would that be a problem?
The high quality videos we provide necessitate at least an ADSL connection to enjoy them to the most with no break ups or skips.

How to get in touch with us?
It’s quite simple. The forum is there for that. You can also send us emails to

Do you have any conflict of interest?
Not in the least! There is absolutely no conflict of interest as we are independent and have no connections with any laboratory or organization whatsoever.
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