Hyoscyamus niger; Henbane

Characteristics – Disturbs the nervous system profoundly. It is as if some diabolical force took possession of the brain and prevented its functions. It causes a perfect picture of mania of a quarrelsome and obscene character. Inclined to be unseemly and immodest in acts, gestures and expressions. Very talkative, and persists in stripping herself, or uncovering genitals. Is jealous, afraid of being poisoned, etc. Its symptoms also point to weakness and nervous agitation; hence typhoid and other infections & coma vigil. Tremulous weakness and twitching of tendons. Subsultus tendinum; 2during fevers. Muscular twitching, spasmodic affections, generally with delirium. Non-inflammatory cerebral activity. Toxic gastritis. 2Convulsions; trembling; jerks; twitching, cramps, are very marked features. Active mania or convulsions # deep sopor or ending in deep sopor. Motions of arms are clutching or angular; throws arms about, misses what is reached for; totters while walking. Paralysis after spasms. Epilepsy; vertigo before the attack. Falls suddenly to the ground with cries. CARPHOLOGIA, picks at bedclothes; at fingers. When lying on back, suddenly sits up and lies down again. Child sobs and cries without waking. Eclampsia. Septic fevers. Slides down in bed. Chorea; local, twitching of solitary muscles; squinting, stammering. Sensation as if walking on and through air. 4Insensibility of body. SPASMS FROM WORMS. Every muscle of body twitches, from eyes to toes. 5General weakness, & blunted sensibility. Symptoms generally < evening, and after eating and drinking. 7Long-lasting spasms. Uncommon sinking of strength. Veins expanded or puffed up. Paralysis after diphtheria. 6Epilepsy; before attack vertigo, sparks before eyes, ears ring, gnawing, hungry; during attack: face purple, eyes protrude, shrieking, grinding of teeth and involuntary urination; 11convulsions beginning with twitching of muscles of face, esp. about eyes. Obesity. 11Violent tearing and pulsating pains = spasmodic jerks of fingers, hands, arms, and facial muscles. Convulsions: of children, esp. from fright; after meals; child sickens after eating, vomits or shows distress at stomach, sudden shriek, and then insensible. Convulsions during deep, heavy sleep. Fell down unconscious with whole body cold and stiff like a piece of wood. The spasms flex the limbs, and the bent body is tossed upward. Convulsions so violent that it seemed as if joints or spine would be broken. Paralysis agitans. Hydrophobia. Epileptiform convulsions during heat. Chorea, the result or consequence of long and debilitating diseases.
MindVery suspicious; 4of SOME PLOT. Talkative, obscene, lascivious mania, uncovers body; jealous; 11loves smutty talk. Great hilarity; inclined to laugh at everything. Delirium, & attempt to run away. Low, muttering speech; constant carphologia, deep stupor. 2Many bewildering aberrations. Erotic; exposes genitals [females]; sings amorous songs. Does foolish things, behaves like one who is mad. Laughs, sings, talks, babbles, quarrels. Fondles the genitals. Fears; being alone; being pursued; of water; being poisoned, being bitten, etc.; 4FEARS TO EAT OR DRINK; TO TAKE WHAT IS OFFERED. Restless, jumps out of bed, wants to escape. Speaks each word louder. Rage; & desire to strike, bite, fight, insult, scold, and to kill. Plaintive cries, esp. on slightest touch, even in stupor. Unconsciousness, can barely be aroused. Thinks he is not at home; 11thinks he is in the wrong place but doesn’t want to go home. Speechless from fright. Confusion. First can’t think, then can scarcely be aroused. Talks with imaginary persons, to dead ones. Imagines things are animals. Plays with fingers. Silly; does comical acts. Looks at hands because they seem too large. Fear of syphilis. 4WILL NOT BE COVERED; KICKS OFF THE CLOTHES; LIES NAKED IN BED AND CHATTERS; 11entire loss of modesty. Bad effects of unfortunate love; & jealousy, rage, incoherent speech, or inclination to laugh at everything. Thinks he is in the wrong place. Talks of imaginary things, but has no wants and makes no complaints. 6Anxiety on hearing running water. Imagines things are worms. Delirium; wants to get up and attend to business or go home. Can’t tolerate the least noise or talking during chill. 7When spoken to answers properly, but stupor and delirium return immediately. Delirium; talks of business; complains of imaginary wrongs [11and reproaches others]; fears being sold. Tries to injure others. Foolish laughter, animated and hurried talk. Delirium tremens, & clonic spasms; aversion to light and company. Disappointed or unfortunate love; 11followed by epilepsy; followed by rage or inclination to laugh at everything; followed by despair and propensity to drown himself. 8Delirium; attacks people with knife; embraces the stove; prepares for wedding; wraps up in fur during summer. Calls for absent persons. Delusion of being in debate; has been devoured by animals; listens to imaginary sounds; thinks men are swine. Fear of being betrayed. Gestures of hands as if brushing the face or as if brushing something away. Inciting others. Sadness from smell of flowers. Talks about battles; of war. DESIRE FOR COMPANY. Cursing. DOES NOT RECOGNISE HIS RELATIVES. Delusion that he is being watched; 11by members of family with whom he had some slight misunderstanding; to avoid being recognized by them, clothed himself differently every day, and seldom left his house; continually counting, at one time in French, at another in English, and at another in both. Haughty. Hysteria before menses. Indifference; doesn’t complain. Laughing before menses. LOQUACITY. NYMPHOMANIA; during menses. Sadness > urination; from continence. 11Inability to think; thoughts can’t be directed or controlled. Raises head from pillow and gazes about. Chronic fearfulness. Complains of having been poisoned. Cries out suddenly. Quarrelsomeness; indomitable rage. Precipitate liveliness, talkativeness, tells everything. Unceasing spitting, but without saliva. Crying # laughing; gesticulations lively. Comical alienation of mind; ludicrous actions like monkeys; makes ridiculous gestures like a dancing clown; like one intoxicated. Sings constantly and talks hastily, but indistinctly. Insulting, shouting, brawling, ungovernable rage, & exhibition of unusual strength. Insane passion for work. Bite, scratch and nip everyone interfering with them. Wants to kill somebody or himself. Working and clutching of hands; movements very quick. Delirium: & physical restlessness; & paleness of face, coldness of limbs, though temperature is high; & jerking of limbs; diarrhoea, red face, wild, staring look and throbbing of carotids; from jealousy or vexation; from pain. Delirium tremens; seeks to escape from men by whom he imagines himself surrounded and who are trying to capture him. Delirium tremens; trembling all over, looking very wild and constantly pointing to serpents which she saw creeping up towards her, and fancied they were in bed approaching her; had to be held to be kept quiet; metrorrhagia. Jealousy & attempt to murder. Erotic mania & jealousy. Ailments [fever, redness of face, constant delirium and desire to run away] from jealousy and grief about a faithless lover. Mind nearly deranged; disturbed by unfounded jealousy. Greatly attracted by opposite sex and prematurely busies himself with thoughts of marriages; flow of thoughts, all in some way concerning love; secretly writes his love affairs; masturbates at every opportunity. Desires to be naked [from hyperaesthesia of cutaneous nerves]. Not a moment quiet, continual calling out that she saw the devil; denies herself guilty of theft [after being harshly accused of it], or that she has any concern with witches. Great restlessness; & piercing, staring look; jerking motion of head with rapid glances here and there. Constant talking, esp. on religious subjects. Syphilophobia. Believes that there is a stinking odour from his mouth. Wants to run away for fear of being persecuted by police. Frightful hallucinations of figures coming to seize him, hens bound with chains, numbers of large crabs being driven into room.
Vertigo – As if intoxicated. 2Before spasms. From smell of flowers, gas, etc. 5Vertigo, < walking, usually & obscured vision.
HeadSE Feels light and confused. Brain feels loose, fluctuating. 2As if water swashing in head. 5Brain seems to shake about when walking and on stooping. PA 2Pulsating. 5Aching and confusion of head, generally & apparent rush of blood. 7Pressing, stupefying, in forehead. 11Better: walking. Violent pulsations, like waves, head shakes; < becoming cold, after eating; > bending head forward, heat; & heat and tingling in head. Constrictive, stupefying, in upper part of forehead, and general malaise, # absence of all pain. Pressure in vertex and drawing in nape, when turning head. Pressure in vertex, > heat. Heaviness of head and violent pains, # pains in nape of neck. Pressure in l. side of forehead, changing to shooting. Nervous. OB Inflammation of brain, & unconsciousness. Shakes head to and fro; 2or rolls it; when bending forward; in stupor; after concussion of brain. 7Rolls head, stertor, hiccough; concussion of brain. 11Head sinks on one or other side.
EyesPA 11Tearing, beating in r. eye, which waters and seems projected. Rending, in angles of eyes, disappearing when touched. Shooting, from eyes into nose and head; headache > closing eyes; in hemeralopia in a myopic eye. OB Pupils dilated, sparkling, fixed; 7insensible. Eyes open, but doesn’t pay attention; downcast and dull, fixed. Strabismus; 6from brain diseases. Spasmodic closing of lids. 2Aversion to light. Eyes roll about in orbits. Constantly stares at surrounding objects; 11self-forgetfulness. 5Eyes red; & dilated pupils. 11Eyes red, wild, sparkling. Eyes protrude. Quivering of eyeball. Eyelids open and close with a sudden force.
Vision – Diplopia. Objects have coloured borders. 2Objects [5small objects] seem large; red [7as fire]. 4Incipient amaurosis and perversion of visual sense. 5Night blindness. 7Dim, as if veil were before eyes. Objects appear smaller. 11Farsighted; clearsighted. Deceptive vision; flame of one light seems smaller, that of another larger, though both were of equal size. When reading the letters move about, from mydriasis. Momentary loss of sight.
EarsSE 11Buzzing, singing, rushing.
Hearing – 2Deafness, from paralysis of auditory nerve. 4Impaired, as if stupefied, esp. after apoplexy.
NosePA 7Pressing pinching at root of nose and malar bones. OB 2Nostrils sooty, smoky. Sudden jerks [11from above downwards] at root of nose. Loss of smell and taste. 5Dryness of nose. 11Nosebleed, bright red, & salivation. Liability to catch cold in head, esp. from dry, cold air.
FaceOB Lower jaw drops; 4& muttering. 2Pale, flushed, dark red. Muscles twitch. Grimaces, and makes ridiculous gestures. Muscles twitch, when protruding tongue. Lockjaw; 7& consciousness. 5Red and hot; swollen. Distorted. Sometimes pale, even bluish [11& mouth wide open]; twitching of facial muscles. 11Face cold and pale. Stupid expression. Dry lips. Face becomes red during paroxysms of cough. Face dark coloured and bloated after [epileptic] attack.
MouthSE 11Putrid or salt taste. Tongue as if numb and lame. OB Tongue dry, red, cracked, stiff and immovable, protruded with difficulty [2can hardly draw it in]; speech impaired. Foam at mouth. 2Mouth closed tightly. Speech lost, from fright. Tongue looks like burnt leather. Bites tongue while talking. Tongue dry, rattles in mouth. 5General dryness of mouth and fauces [7and tongue and lips]. Saliva, sometimes bloody, sometimes with salty taste. Offensive [11cadaverous] odour from mouth; 11< morning and evening. 6Tongue covered with blood. 11Tongue clean, parched. Tongue shaken to and fro, with a trembling movement. Speech impaired, difficult and unintelligible, from arrest of urinary secretion. Soreness of soft parts between gums and cheeks.
TeethSE 2Teeth feel loose when chewing; also too long. 11Tearing in teeth as if blood were forced into them, & flushes of heat, congestion to head; < cold air, morning. PA 2Violent, in teeth, & twitching of muscles of hands, face, etc. 5Toothache after taking cold, and in open air. 11Toothache, driving to despair; tearing, throbbing, c cheeks and along lower jaw; in sensitive, nervous, excitable persons. Intense, in gums after extraction of tooth. Tearing raging, in gums & buzzing sensation in tooth. Violent attacks of toothache & sense of strangulation and difficult deglutition; cramps; sense of mental fatigue. Jerking, throbbing, tearing, drawing, in teeth, c forehead. OB Teeth covered with sordes. 2Grinds teeth during convulsions, in children. 5Grinding of teeth, so that they become loose. 11Pressing of gums together, putting hands to jaws, fingers into mouth; during dentition.
ThroatOB Stinging dryness. Uvula elongated. 5Spasmodic constriction; spasms renewed on every attempt to swallow liquids. 11Throat dry, burning; shooting, pricking pains, difficult swallowing, as from constriction; dread of liquids.
Food & Drink – Constriction of throat; can’t swallow liquids; 2solid and warm food >. Stomach < irritating food. 2Aversion to water. Fluids come out through nose, or go down larynx. Dry, spasmodic cough < eating, drinking. 4FEARS TO EAT OR DRINK; from fear of being poisoned. 5Ravenous hunger, unquenchable thirst, but can’t swallow. Thirst, but drinks little at a time. Drinking = spasms; 11solid and warm food are swallowed best. Spasmodic constriction of throat; spasms renewed on every attempt to swallow liquids. 11Can neither eat nor drink, from grief. Much thirst & tenderness of stomach. Much thirst or no desire to drink, during heat. Thirst followed by violent sweat. Fluids cause spasm, hiccough, nausea, stiff neck. Pain and heat in head, after a meal. Vomiting of food and drink. Hiccough after eating. Contraction of stomach & difficult breathing; can hardly swallow anything, even a few spoonfuls of broth = great fatigue. Convulsions after meals; child sickens after eating, vomits or shows distress at stomach, sudden shriek, and then insensible. Epilepsy from abuse of alcohol.
StomachPA Violent cramps, > vomiting [5for a time]; burning in stomach; pit tender. OB Hiccough; 2from concussion of brain; of nursing children. Empty eructations; bitter. Vomiting, during convulsions; haematemesis. 2Gastritis or peritonitis & hiccough. 5Retching and vomiting after coughing. Great sensitiveness of pit to touch. 11Hiccough & spasms and rumbling in abdomen. Hiccough after eating and at night. Eructations: empty; incomplete; bitter. Nausea during vertigo; & vomiting; & stiff neck. Retching and vomiting during colic, extorting cries. Vomiting: of bloody mucus, with dark red blood; of blood, during convulsions.
AbdomenSE Colic, as if abdomen would burst; 11presses fists into sides. 5Abdominal muscles seem strained or bruised; 11as if he had fallen upon them; while sitting. PA Colic, & vomiting, belching, hiccough, screaming. 5Cutting, in lower portion of abdomen, which is distended. 7Sticking in umbilical region during inspiration. 11Stitches or dull pain in region of liver. Colic > vomiting. OB Distended; 7and painful to touch. Tympanites. Red spots on abdomen. 2Umbilicus open, urine oozing through. 5Sensitiveness [11as from soreness] of walls of abdomen, esp. when coughing.
RectumOB Diarrhoea, colicky, pains; involuntary, < mental excitement or during sleep; 2< during fevers; while urinating; 11in old men. Diarrhoea during lying-in period. 2Stool; bloody, yellow, watery or although hard; 5usually without much odour. 6Diarrhoea; of hysterical women and young girls; during pregnancy and typhoid fever; stool bloody. Hysterical women and young girls whose bowels bloat and who are subject to attacks of diarrhoea & colicky pains and frequent urging to stool, where sphincter is weak causing great difficulty in retaining faeces, and where mental excitement and mental troubles produce attacks. 7Frequent desire for stool, & small discharges. 11Haemorrhoids bleeding profusely. Constipation & epilepsy. Loose stools from or & irritation of uterine system.
UrinaryOB Involuntary micturition. Bladder paralysed. Has no will to urinate [Caust.]. 2Frequent, scanty, painful, nightly urination; or retention of urine; after childbirth. 5Prolapsus of bladder and retention of urine. 6Enuresis, in children with brain troubles. 11Urine turbid, with muco-purulent sediment.
Red, sandy sediment. Frequent emission of urine as clear as water. Frequent urination at night, so that his rest was broken to such a degree as to make him miserable; prostate slightly enlarged.
MaleOB Impotence. Lascivious; exposes his person; plays with genitals during fever. 7Excessive sexual desire.
FemaleOB Before menses, hysterical [2or epileptic] spasms; 11laughing loud, uninterrupted; profuse sweat and nausea. Excited sexual desire. During menses, convulsive movements [11of hands and feet], enuresis and [11profuse] sweat; 11headache; lockjaw. Lochia suppressed. Spasms of pregnant women. Puerperal mania. 2Lascivious; uncovers sexual parts. Nymphomania; 5esp. of puerperal women, seems to be a sort of delirium rather than real sexual desire. Painless diarrhoea in lying-in women. Colds that settled in womb and bring on labour-like pains. Convulsions during pregnancy. Milk and lochia suppressed. 5Spasms precede menses; labour-like pains [7in uterus], & drawings in loins [7and small of back]. 6Violent sexual desire in girls who never had the desire before. 7Headache, nausea and profuse sweat during menses; 11at beginning of menses. Profuse flow of menses. 11Metrorrhagia; continuous bright red flow, & spasmodic jerkings, great vascular excitement. Pale flow, & convulsions. Haemorrhage, bright red blood, flowing steadily, after labour, after miscarriage; spasms; twitching of single muscles; with every jerk of body more blood comes. Excited sexual desire without excitement of fancy. Metritis, esp. if inflammation is developed by emotional disturbances. Metrorrhagia succeeded by general stiffness of limbs. Metrorrhagia in patients who have been subject to [abdominal] cramps during pregnancy. Irregular menses.
LarynxOB 5Voice sometimes rough on account of collection of a little mucus in larynx and trachea. 11Constriction of larynx; during cough. Hysterical aphonia. Hoarseness, & dry and inflamed throat.
Respiration – Suffocative fits. 5Paroxysms of dyspnoea, esp. at night on lying; must jump up. 11Loss of breath, as from rapid running. Slow, rattling. Difficult, # anxiety or oppression of chest. Suffocating spells and convulsions during labour.
CoughDry, spasmodic, at night [< lying down; > sitting up], from tickling in throat [2from a dry spot in larynx], as if uvula were too long; 2< eating, drinking, talking, singing. 2Exhausting, & sweat. 5Frequently spasmodic, in short, rapid paroxysms, almost like whooping cough. 6Paroxysmal and periodical, from excitement, in sensitive and hysterical girls with spinal irritation. 11During cough, epigastrium and hypochondria painful. Worse: cold air. After measles. Short consecutive coughs, caused by tickling in throat as if some mucus was lodged there. Frequent, at night, which always wakes him, after which he again falls asleep. Paroxysmal, severely shaking chest, abdomen, whole body, and causing a sense of excoriation in abdominal muscles.
Sputum – Haemoptysis; 2bright red [11mixed with clots], & spasms. 11Saltish mucus.
ChestSE 11Tight feeling across chest, as from overexertion, running. PA 7Stitches in sides. 11Muscles of chest sore. OB 2Spasms of chest & shortness of breath, forcing him to bend forward. 11Exhausted from long talking, body, and esp. chest, weak; green sputum, weak pulse. Pneumonia & cerebral symptoms, delirium, sopor; & dry, fatiguing night cough, or rattling in chest; hypostatic, in course of chronic affections; of drunkards. Pulmonary collapse; bluish colour of face; great difficulty in inspiring; must be raised up. Red spots on chest. Atelectasis pulmonum; bluish colour of face; great difficulty in inspiring; must be raised up.
HeartSE 11As if heart and chest were torn to pieces; during spasms of chest. OB 11Carotids beat violently. Chronic palpitation of heart so that she could not move body without greatest anxiety, or apprehension of suffocation or fainting; unquenchable thirst in morning; frequent, copious discharge of limpid urine; appetite impaired. Inflammation of bloodvessels. Pulse: accelerated, full, hard and strong; rapid, intermitting; slow and small; weak and irregular; small, weak, scarcely perceptible.
BackOB 2Stiff neck, contracted to one side. 7Spinal meningitis, & convulsions, jerks of muscles; 11after injury. 11Stiffness of cervical muscles, & tension as if too short, on bending neck. Herpetic spots on nape. Abscesses on l. side of neck.
LimbsPA 11Lancinating, in almost all joints, esp. on motion. OB Spasms and convulsions. 2Trembling of hands and feet. 11Cold hands and feet. Alternate convulsions of upper and lower limbs.
UpperPA 11Painful numbness of hands. OB Picking at bedclothes; plays with hands; reaches out for things. 2Fists clenched & retraction of thumbs [in convulsions]. 11Trembling of arms, esp. in evening and after exercise. Stiffness of hands. Fingers look and feel too thick.
LowerPA Cramps in calves and toes. 5Cramps in posterior parts of thighs and calves. 11Cramp in anterior part of thigh. OB 2Toes spasmodically contracted while walking or going up stairs. 11Weakness of legs; staggering gait. Gangrenous spots and vesicles here and there on lower limbs. Swelling of feet.
Sleep – Epileptic attacks ending in deep sleep. Intense sleeplessness. Sopor, & convulsions. Starts up frightened. Coma vigil. 2Nervous wakefulness. Falls asleep while answering. Sits up and then goes to sleep again. Profound sleep. Laughs during sleep; 11laughing expression during sleep. 5Sleeplessness all night, & restlessness, twitching and starting. 7Wakes up with a cry. 11Sleeplessness, after violent disease, or of irritable, excited persons; from business embarrassments, often imaginary. Long continued sleeplessness. Sleeplessness during heat. Sleeplessness from renal affections. Frequent micturition at night, preventing sleep. Sleeps three days without interruption.
Dreams – 11Anxious. Lascivious.
Fever – 2Low fever & hot, pale skin. 11Intermittent, quartan, & short, dry, hacking cough. In typhoid and typhus fevers, esp. typhus when brain is active but wandering, patient labouring under hallucinations of various kinds, but all centring in a desire to escape from room or from those around. Fever cases in which torpor of entire organism predominates; dull, fixed expression of face, delirium is lacking, or if present it consists of a confused farrago of complex images; the perceptive faculty is almost suspended.
Chill – 5General shivering; coldness predominates. 11From feet upwards. At night, up back from small of back; can’t get warm in bed. Whole body cold, & burning redness of face. Chill # heat. Sudden. Congestive, & cold limbs.
Heat – 5Usually localised in face and head. 11Burning, all over, every evening congestion to head; putrid taste. Skin burning hot to examining hand. Burning, without external redness; blood burns in veins. They throw bedclothes entirely off, not because they are too warm, but they will not remain covered.
Sweat – 2Warm. 5General, sometimes clammy, esp. during sleep. 11Mostly on legs. Cold; sour; weakening. All over, esp. about neck, during short naps. On back and pit of stomach. Violent, after thirst.
Skin – 5Skin usually dry and hot; 11brittle, want of sensation. Scarlet-like rash spreads over whole body, which becomes purplish. Brown or gangrenous spots. Ulcers bleed and become painful. 11Skin and muscles lax. Skin often pale, with delirium; body hot. Brown or gangrenous spots. Skin red, or with red rash. Varicella; vesicles in crops. Gangrene, & nervous restlessness; itching around. Large pustules, clustering from hips to knees. Ulcers painful, bleeding; bruised feeling on moving part. Scarlatina & marked mental symptoms. Repelled eruptions & tendency to diarrhoea. Miliary eruption esp. after abuse of Bell. Eruption of dry pimples like confluent smallpox. Frequent large bloodboils. Inflamed ulcers, surrounding skin being of a bright vermilion redness; large pustules around ulcers; < evening, during menses, from touch; > getting warm; l. side. Anthrax in nervous and hysterical persons; coma vigil; great restlessness caused by excessive nervous excitement, shaking of head in all directions; constriction of pharynx; itching around part.
ModalitiesWorse: EMOTIONS; jealousy; fright; unhappy love. Before and during menses; 4beginning of menses. TOUCH. Cold. Sleep. Lying. 1After eating. 4Rest. Better: Sitting up. Motion. Warmth. Stooping.
Conditions – 2Suitable to nervous, irritable, excitable persons. 7Drunkards. Old men and children. 11Light haired people. Hysterical subjects.
RelationsCompare: Agar., Stram. and Verat. [chorea]; Apis and Ign. [jealousy]; Bapt., Glon., Kali-br. and Rhus-t. [fear of being poisoned]; Bell. [meningitis; Bell. has < shaking head; < sitting with head bent forward; Hyos. has > from both]; Bell., Caust., Con., Ign., Lach., Lyc., Lyss. and Phos. [difficult swallowing of liquids]; Calc-p. and Grat. [sexual mania]; Cic. [convulsions, spasms, twitching]; Cimic. [waves through head]; Cina [convulsions from fright or worms]; Coloc., Con., Nux-v., Puls. and Sec. [suppression of lochia]; Cupr., Lach., Op., Stram. and Verat. [loquacity]; Dros. [cough < lying down; Dros. and Phos. [cough < at night, after eating, drinking, talking, singing]; Ferr. and Mang. [> lying down]; Hyper., Ph-ac. and Stict. [levitation]; Ign. [hiccough; Ign. after emotions; Hyos. after abdominal operations]; Ign. and Tarent. [spasms, twitching]; Kali-br. and Plat. [sees ghosts and demons]; Nux-v. [every muscles of body twitches; but Nux v. retains consciousness, Hyos. has unconsciousness]; Nux-v. and Op. [haemoptysis of drunkards]; Rumx. [tickling cough > warm air]; Staph. [fits of ungovernable rage]; Stram. [mania; Stram. has desire for light and company, Hyos. aversion to both; Stram. uncovers whole body, Hyos. esp. the genitals; Stram. sees objects – mice, dogs, etc. – rise from every corner and come towards him]; 7Gels.; Lyc.; 1Scop. [Japanese Belladonna; chemically identical with Hyoscine; joyous delirium, licking of lips and smacking of mouth; sleepless; tries to get out of bed; sees cats, picks imaginary hairs, warms hands before imaginary fire, etc.]; Scopin. [paralysis agitans; tremors of disseminated sclerosis, sleeplessness and nervous agitation; dry cough in phthisis; similar in its effects to alcohol, both recent and remote; corresponds to the effects of strong poisons introduced into or generated within the body; symptoms of uraemia and acute nervous exhaustion; a remedy for shock; third and fourth dec. trituration; in physiological dosage, 1-200 gr., mania and chorea; insomnia]. Followed well by: Bell.; Phos. [11often cures lasciviousness when Hyos. fails]; Puls.; Stram.; Verat. Follows well: Bell. [11in deafness after apoplexy; congestive chills]; Nux-v. [11haemoptysis of drunkards]; Op. [11haemoptysis of drunkards; congestive chills]; Rhus-t. Antidoted by: Bell.; Chin.; Stram.; citric acid; vinegar; 1Camph. Antidote to: Bell.; Merc.; Stram.; ether.
Causation – Jealousy. Suppressed lochia. Suppressed milk. 2Fright. Disappointed love.

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