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David Little lance une formation.

Voici le lien pour ceux que cela intéresse :

https://friendsofhealth.com/seminars/?f ... C7B2bYP_LA

"The seminars are based on Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon of the Healing Art. In aphorism 3 of his masterpiece the Founder provides his schema for his teachings on Homoeopathy. These are the 3 Knowledges: Knowledge of disease; Knowledge of medicines; Knowledge of the selection of remedies, posology and case management including repetition. This is followed by the removal of obstacles to the cure. If the practitioner clearly perceives this knowledge, they are a true healing artist.

The Little Homoeopathic Seminars are a series of classes that will be presented online in self-contained modules. Each module will be based on the above fourfold foundation. These are:

History and Philosophy of Practice (disease indications)
Materia Medica and Repertory (medicinal indications)
Case taking, Posology and Case Management (indicated remedies)
Diet, Regimen and the Complementary Healing Arts (removing obstacles to the cure)
The first module will be a one-month long seminar running from Sunday, October 9th, 2022 up to Sunday, November 6th. The course will start with a class orientation webinar on Sunday, October 9nd. There will be a one-hour pre-recorded lesson uploaded on Wednesdays and a one-hour live webinar on Sundays at 11pm Indian Standard Time (IST). The in-studio classes and recorded webinars as well as the written lessons, articles and notes will be available on the member’s website. For those that join the course at a later date, the entire archive of the previous seminars will be available.

The textbook for the course is The Homoeopathic Compendium, Volumes 1 to 6. We recommend that students have a copy of this textbook but it is not a requirement. The Compendium will be available at a discount price for class members at friendsofhealth.com Participants also need a copy of the 6th edition of the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann.

Course Module One, The Foundation of Homoeopathy
The cost for the month-long course is $125.

Part 1: Knowledge of Disease

The Introduction to the Organon
Individual and Collective Disease (e.g., miasms)
Causation, Symptoms, Constitution and Temperament
Diseases of Civilization
Part 2: Knowledge of Medicinal Powers

The Study of the Materia Medica
The Study of the Repertory
Part 3: Knowledge of the Selection of Remedies

The Study of Case Taking
The Study of Posology of the C and L-M (Q) Potency
The Study of Case Management
Part 4: Knowledge of the Removal of Obstacles to the Cure

Diet and Articles to be Avoided
The Right Way to Take the Remedy
Regimen and Lifestyle
Complementary Healing Arts
We hope you will join us on our spiral journey through the 7 levels of Homoeopathy and help us uncover the lost teachings of Samuel Hahnemann. We will search for the hidden gems found in Hahnemann’s six editions of the Organon, Chronic Diseases, Lesser Writings, personal letters and German and Paris casebooks. Together we will review all this classical material and bring it up to date for our times. We also will study the contributions of each generation of homeopaths and review modern methods.

For as Constantine Hering said; “It is the duty of all of us to go further in the theory and practice of Homœopathy than Hahnemann has done. We ought to seek the truth which is before us and forsake the errors of the past”. He goes on to say woe unto those who personally attack the Founder for “Hahnemann was a great savant, inquirer, and discoverer; he was as true a man, without falsity, candid and open as a child, and inspired with pure benevolence and with a holy zeal for science.”

Homoeopathy is De Medicina Futura! "
Françoise, Pompongirl aimais cela
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par Clo
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Malheureusement, David Little est contraint d'annuler sa formation :

ci-joint le message reçu:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We regret to inform everyone that we have decided to postpone the Little Homoeopathic Seminars. We apologize for this late announcement as we were waiting to see how David's health was progressing so we could make the best medical decision possible. Since we cannot make a firm time commitment we feel it is best to reschedule it in 2023. We thank you all for your patience and well wishes for David's recovery. We appreciate the personal interest and support you have shown which encourages and inspires us to continue our work. We would like to start slow by continuing our Little Talks youtube videos as David's health improves.

In the next few days we will start the process of refunding all the payments that we have received.


We wish you good health and happiness.
Best wishes from David & the Little family.

David Gittins (Office Manager for Friends of Health)

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