Bug Agaric; Fly Agaric

Characteristics – This fungus contains several toxic compounds, the best known of which is Muscarin. The symptoms of poisoning do not develop at once, usually 12 to 14 hours elapse before the initial attack. There is no antidote, treatment entirely symptomatic [Schneider]. Agar. acts as an intoxicant to the brain, producing more vertigo and delirium than alcohol, followed by profound sopor with lowered reflexes.
Jerking, twitching, trembling and itching are strong indications. Incipient phthisis; is related to the tubercular diathesis, anaemia, chorea, twitching ceases during sleep. Various forms of neuralgia and spasmodic affections, and neurotic skin troubles are pictured in the symptomatology of this remedy. It corresponds to various forms of cerebral excitement rather than congestion. Thus, in delirium of fevers, alcoholism, etc. General paralysis. Sensation as if pierced by needles of ice; 2* or hot needles. Sensitive to pressure and cold air. Violent bearing-down pains. Symptoms appear diagonally as r. arm and l. leg. Pains are accompanied by sensation of cold, numbness and tingling. 2* IRREGULAR, UNCERTAIN and EXAGGERATED MOTIONS; patient reaches too far, staggers or steps too high, drops things, etc. Symptoms appear slowly. Patient suffers from MANY AND DIVERSE symptoms [3* Tub.]. EYELIDS and tongue are particularly affected. Shuddering. Nervousness and restlessness. Chorea > during sleep. Sensation of a cold drop or cold weight on parts. Painful twitching, then parts become stiff and cold. In epilepsy and convulsions, physical strength is increased, can lift heavy loads. Convulsions after coition; from suppressed milk; after being scolded; or punished. Young nervous hysterical married women who faint after coition. Children walk and talk late on account of brain complaints. Yawning before complaints. 4* Sense of languor, as if the body were bruised and the joints dislocated. Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions. 5* General < walking in open air, > when warm in bed. Pains in limbs may disappear on motion, and return during rest. 6* Complaints arising from ceasing of the milk; convulsions from suppressed milk. 7* Involuntary movements while awake; cease during sleep: chorea, from simple motions and jerks of single muscles to dancing of whole body; trembling of whole body. Burning, itching and redness of various parts, as if frostbitten [4* nose, ears, fingers and toes]. Symptoms generally > motion, esp. from slow walking. Has been found chiefly useful in the treatment of chorea, neuralgia and epileptiform spasms, due to spinal irritation or anaemia. It is esp. useful in muscular twitching of a choreic nature, but where chorea has not fully developed. Of very little use in true epilepsy. 10* Generally < before a thunderstorm. General < coition. 11* Coma following the febrile excitement of dentition; eyes half open, showing the white; breathing not hurried, but often a deep inspiration, followed by a sigh and slight convulsive twitching of limbs. Obesity. Muscles feel bruised from touch; > walking. Fainting after moving head, hearing others talk, smelling aromatics or perfumeries, even smelling vinegar. Veins swollen, & cool skin.
Mind – The provings bring out four phases of cerebral excitement:
1. Slight stimulation, shown by increased cheerfulness, courage, loquacity, exalted fancy.
2. More decided intoxication: great mental excitement and incoherent talking, immoderate gaiety alternates with melancholy. Perception of relative size of objects is lost, takes long steps and jumps over small objects as if they were trunks of trees – a small hole appears as a frightful chasm, a spoonful of water an immense lake. Physical strength is increased, can lift heavy loads. With it much twitching.
3. Third stage produces a condition of furious or raging delirium, screaming, raving, wants to injure himself, etc.
4. Fourth stage: mental depression, languor, indifference, disinclination to work, confusion, etc. We do not get the active cerebral congestion of Bell., but a general nervous excitement such as is found in delirium tremens, delirium of fevers, etc.

Sings, talks [2* incoherently, changes rapidly from subject to subject], but doesn’t answer. Loquacity; 8* but answers no questions. Aversion to work. Indifference; 7* disinclined to answer questions. Fearlessness. Delirium characterised by singing, shouting, and muttering; rhymes and prophesies. Begins with paroxysm of yawning. 2* Indisposed to perform any kind of work, esp. mental. Makes verses. Hilarious. Embraces and kisses hands. Selfish. Dull and dizzy, as if drunk. Morose, self-willed, stubborn. Awkward, clumsy. Knows no one; throws things. Pressure on spine = involuntary laughter. Can’t do anything new, can’t do his routine work or does the opposite. 4* THE PATIENT IS EXCESSIVELY FANCIFUL AND FULL OF ECSTASY. 6* Convulsions after being scolded [Ign.]. 7* Delirium, with constant raving; tries to get out of bed. 8* Fears to be left alone lest he injure himself in a frenzy. Makes many revengeful plans. Confusion of mind on waking in morning; > after eating. Delirium & exaltation of strength. Delusions; he is a great person; he is under superhuman control. Hysteria, after sexual excesses. Memory active, in evening. Occupation >. Pities herself. Reveals secrets. Singing # vexation. Talks of war. Aversion to being touched. Throws things at persons. 10* FEAR OF CANCER; preoccupied with death, dying, graveyards, etc. Or a state of fearlessness, recklessness and thoughtlessness. Hyperactive, clumsy children without any fear or idea about danger. 11* Can’t find the proper word, uses wrong words, < after exertion; sleepless nights. Great loquacity, convulsive motions of facial and cervical muscles, mostly r. side, drawing head down to shoulder; merry, incoherent talk; followed by malaise. Undefined disagreeable sensation when thinking of pain. Complaints after getting angry. As if drunk and always sleepy. Fear after going to bed; as if somebody would come and disturb him; prevents sleep for hours. Sensation as if whole body would dwindle to nothing.
VertigoFrom sunlight, and on walking; 7* in morning, from strong sunlight; from heat of sun; reeling as if drunk. 11* From protracted mental application or exciting debates. Long-lasting, & great sensitiveness to cold air. With stupefaction and burning in vertex. Thinking of something else >. With tendency to fall forward. After menses. With palpitation of heart. From yawning.
HeadSE Icy coldness, like icy needles, or splinters. Lateral, [2* r. side], as from a nail [Coff.; Ign.]. 10* Cold spots on head. 11* Pressing in r. side, as if a nail were thrust in; < sitting quietly, > moving slowly about. Of coldness on r. side of frontal bone, though warm to touch. Icy coldness in region of coronal suture after scratching. Heaviness c nape. Scalp sensitive as from subcutaneous ulceration. PA Dull, from prolonged desk-work. Neuralgia & icy cold head. Headache [11* in morning, c root of nose] & epistaxis or thick mucous discharge. 2* Dull, [7* esp. in forehead]; must move head to and fro; 7* and close eyes as for sleep. After stool or urine >; 6* headache when urine becomes scanty or stool is retained. 5* Shooting, mostly in sides of head or in small spots. 7* In forehead, stitches, tearing, drawing, aching and burning pains; more on l. side. Aching in vertex. Drawing from both sides of frontal bone as far as root of nose. Twitching and stitches, more on l. side. Stitching, tearing, aching and boring, in occiput. Headaches of those subject to chorea, or who readily become delirious in fever; or with pain; twitching or grimaces. 11* Drawing or stitching, shifting from side to side. Throbbing, beating, & sensation of stiffness in muscles of face. Violent oppressive, chiefly in forehead, during delirium. With fulness in temples, from overwork at desk. Dull fulness after waking. After menses. Preceded by yawning. OB Head in constant motion; 3* turns head to and fro. Head falling backward, as if a weight in occiput. Desire to cover head warmly [Sil.]. 2* Head drawn towards shoulders. 3* In old people with indolent circulation, or drunkards, esp. for their headaches. 11* Chronic tenderness of scalp, like that with spinal irritation. Sweat all over, even on scalp. Itching of scalp, < early in morning, after rising. Itching nettle-rash on scalp, & stupefaction and vertigo.
EyesSE 7* Eyes as if weak, without having exerted them. 11* Heat in eyes. Lids heavy, as if stuck together. PA 7* Burning and itching in canthi [11* < touch]; stitches. 11* Pressure in eyeballs on exertion of eyes. OB Twitching of lids and eyeballs [Cod.]. Margins of lids red; itch and burn and agglutinate. Inner angles very red [11* & burning, itching, < touch]. 2* Oscillating eyeballs. Gum in canthi; 7* viscid, yellow. Narrowing of space between eyelids. Nystagmus; squint. Eyelids thick, dry, burning. 5* Asthenopia & flickering, twitching of eyes and lids [esp. valuable for nearsighted people]. 6* Twitching of eyelids before a storm. esp. before a thunderstorm. First remedy to be thought of in spasms of eyelids. 7* Spasms, & aching in l. eyeball. 11* Clonic spasms; lids open and close in quick succession. Swelling of tear gland. Sensitive to light, even candlelight. Pupils dilated; light glares. Child usually stared blankly and without taking notice of things, also squinted. Vesicles or ulcers on cornea. Lachrymation from smells or coughing.
VisionReading difficult, as type seems to move, to swim; 7* & itching and burning; 11* focal distance changes while reading; first grows shorter, then longer. Vibrating spectres; 7* & vertigo. Diplopia [Gels.] [11* from mental overwork], dim and flickering. Asthenopia from prolonged strain, spasm of accommodation. 2* Muscae volitantes; brown. 7* Dim, as from a mist; after looking long at any object while reading; also & flickering. Shortsighted. Flickering, while writing. 11* Dim, things look obscured, as from turbid water. Indistinct, even of near objects, during vertigo. Dark colours. Yellow, brown or black spots before l. eye. Everything as if surrounded by mist, as if covered by cobweb.
EarsSE 11* Creaking, as from a wooden screw at each attempt to swallow. Sound as of a leather-covered metal valve. Rattling, fluttering in tympanic cavity. PA 11* Stitches in l. mastoid process. OB Itching and burning [7* and redness] of ears, as if frozen. Twitching of muscles about ear & noises. 11* Excessive secretion of wax. Itching in l. external auditory tube, & stitch in inner ear, as of an ice-cold needle.
Hearing – 11* Very acute. Feels worse from hearing people talk. Dull.
NoseSE Nose and mouth as if sore. 11* Nose as if entirely filled with dry mucus. OB Nervous nasal disturbances. Itching internally and externally. Spasmodic sneezing after coughing; sensitiveness; watery non-inflammatory discharge. Fetid, dark, bloody discharge. Epistaxis in old people. 2* Frequent sneezing without coryza. Flow [11* frequent dropping] of clear water, without coryza. Redness of nose. Obstruction on stooping. 6* As good as Lach. for the red-tipped nose of drunkards. 7* Epistaxis when blowing nose, early in morning; followed by violent bleeding. Sensitive smell. Nose dry and stopped at night, sneezing in morning. 10* Hay fever, itching of nasopharynx and ears; < menses.
FaceSE Facial muscles as if stiff. Neuralgia, as if cold needles ran through nerves or sharp ice touched them. 7* Pricking in chin, as from needles. 11* As if splinters had been run into r. lower jaw. PA Burning and smarting on lips. Lancinating, tearing, in cheeks [5* jaws], as of splinters. 11* Pulsating and throbbing in cheeks. Faceache & toothache. OB Herpes on lips. Facial muscles twitch; face itches and burns [7* & redness, as from freezing]. 2* Grimaces; 10* distortion of mouth, esp. on beginning to speak. Idiotic expression. Blue and puffed; 11* in epilepsy. 5* Upper lip chapped, smarting; dry, & burning vesicles. 6* Eruption about mouth in growing children given to licking of lips. 7* Pale and sunken, & bluish appearance around eyes, nose and mouth. Herpetic eruptions; pimples changing to vesicles filled with yellow serum. 11* Trembling vibration in lips and muscles of lower jaw; convulsive shaking of lower jaw. Red and hot, during headache. Froth at mouth. Jaws clenched.
MouthSE Taste sweet; 2* bitter; 11* sharp and bitter; bad at root of tongue; salty, as after herring; rancid. Tongue as if dry and contracted, as after an astringent. PA Splinter-like, in tongue; 6* & salivation. 7* Stitches, soreness or burning at tip of tongue; 11* as from pepper. OB Aphthae on roof of mouth. Tremulous tongue [Lach.]. Tongue coated white [11* in morning]. 2* Angles of mouth droop; from paralysis; saliva runs out. Tongue dry; one side numb, & vertigo. Indistinct, jerky speech. Offensive breath; 11* like that after eating horse-radish. 11* Tip of tongue studded with small dirty yellow aphthae. Dryness of whole mouth and back of it. Increased flow of acrid saliva. Salivation during menses.
TeethSE 11* Teeth as if too long. PA 7* Tearing, pulsating, < cold air. 11* Shooting from r. upper teeth c up to r. side of head. At beginning of menses, and during. OB 2* Swelling and bleeding gums, & pain. 6* Teeth < when abdomen gets >. 11* Teeth sensitive to touch, pressure, or while chewing.
ThroatSE As if contracted. 5* As if swollen externally, hands feels tight. 7* Distension, & feeling as if cravat were too tight. 11* Pressure as from a foreign body sticking in throat, not > swallowing. Burning-cooling feeling along oesophagus to stomach, as after eating cress. Scratching sensation in throat; can’t sing a note; 2* on every attempt to sing. PA Stitches along eustachian tube c [7* right] ear. OB Small solid balls of phlegm thrown up; 11* almost without cough. Dryness [7* and constriction] of pharynx [7* as from an astringent drink], swallowing difficult. 11* Induration of tonsils, thymus and other glands.
Food & Drink – Thirsty all the time. Unnatural hunger [5* evening]; 7* much hunger, but no relish for food. Burning in stomach about three hours after a meal, changing into a dull pressure [11* like from a foreign body, & nausea]. Irregular, tumultuous palpitation, after tobacco; 2* > tobacco. 6* Loss of appetite, after coition. 7* Valuable remedy for irregular tumultuous palpitation of heart, esp. for the irritable heart of tea and coffee drinkers, and tobacco smokers; 5* > coffee. 11* Much hunger, but no appetite early in morning. During breakfast: nausea; very soon satisfied while eating; pressure and bearing down in stomach. After breakfast: headache; very offensive taste; dryness, burning in throat; nausea and vomiting; pressure in stomach. Before dinner: bitter taste, but eats with appetite. After dinner: inability to think; inner uneasiness; disgust for work; pressing in forehead and temples; painful drawing in occiput; same in eyeballs; buzzing in ears; earache; uneasiness in muscles of lower jaw and lips; unpleasant taste; tearing sensation in pharynx, when swallowing saliva; very soon hungry again; belching; nausea and gagging; vomiting; sore feeling under ribs; fulness in stomach, even after using light food moderately; pressure and fulness in abdomen; distension; flatulence; short dry cough or sneezing; tension in sides of chest; backache; convulsive shaking of l. shoulder; cold feeling as from quicksilver on l. nate, in hollow of knee; tearing pain in l. tibia; prostration of lower limbs; burning in thighs. Better for an hour after eating while he is so exhausted, but great sleepiness remains. Wine = indisposition to work. Coffee accelerates pulse. Meat = heartburn. Prunes = pressure in stomach. Smelling vinegar = faintness. Smell of vinegar unbearable. Painful jerks in teeth on drinking cold water. Great difficulty in swallowing, & ravenous appetite. Nausea after a swallow of cold water. Very drowsy after dinner. Sleepy while eating. After smoking: peeling off inside of lips; saltish bitter, exceedingly offensive taste; belching # hiccough; sudden nausea and vomiting; attacks of violent cough.
StomachSE 2* As of a lump in pit. 5* Numerous sensations [pain, gnawing, boring, cramp, fulness, etc.], & spasmodic contractions, irritable spine, etc. 11* Heavy sensation in stomach. Faint, as if empty, # jerking as of some heavy object. PA 7* Pinching, boring or gnawing, in pit. 11* Spasmodic drawing from pit up c chest. OB Empty eructations, tasting of [7* rotten] apples 2* or of rotten eggs. Nervous disturbances, & spasmodic contractions, hiccough. Flatulent distension of stomach and abdomen. Gastric disturbance & sharp pains in liver region. 2* Eructations # hiccough. Vomiting; bitter, & prostration, & stitches in rectum and groins. 11* Retraction of pit.
AbdomenSE 11* Drawing in r. hypochondrium, as if liver had increased in weight and dragged at its ligaments. Great heaviness like from a weight, most below navel. Heaviness in abdomen and around navel, after stool. Pressure as from a swelling from l. hypogastrium to back. Abdomen as if empty, hollow or cold. Loins as if bruised, when sitting and lying. Loins as if lame, < walking and standing. Tensive as if wrenched, in groins, > walking. PA Stitching, in liver, spleen [Cean.] and abdomen [7* umbilical region]. 2* Stitch in splenic region, in runners. 7* Cutting, griping, in bowels. 11* Sharp stitches, as from needles, in region of liver; dull stitches during breathing. Pulsation deep in spleen. Pinching below umbilicus, & distension of abdomen. Burning in abdomen. OB 2* Rumbling and fermenting in bowels. Meteorism. 11* Rumbling in region of l. superior flexure of colon. Rumbling, & constant pain deep in umbilical region, < pressure. Undulatory jumping of upper abdominal muscles. Distension of abdomen after stool.
RectumSE 2* Of writhing in rectum. 11* Of dryness in anus, had to draw it upward. Anus as if completely closed. Warm feeling in anus. PA 7* Crampy colic, & passing wind. Burning in anus. 11* Biting in rectum after emission of flatus. OB Diarrhoea & much fetid flatus; 2* garlicky odour. Fetid stools. 2* Diarrhoea, of children, grass green bilious stools. Flatus hot. 5* Emission of much inodorous gas. Constipation. 7* Diarrhoea, morning after rising. Urging in rectum; haemorrhoids. Agar. may be indicated in a primary diarrhoea or dysentery, but its gastroenteric symptoms are usually associated with nervous complaints. 11* Pappy stools & cutting in abdomen and passing of wind. Sharp itching in rectum, inviting to draw rectum upwards, but is only > by pressing down. Itching, prickling in rectum and anus, as from worms. Flatus of odour like carrion; like garlic. Very hard stools; at first hard and knotty, then soft, finally diarrhoeic. Constipation & rumbling in bowels during pregnancy.
UrinarySE 11* Lameness in l. kidney, sore to touch, & cramp c thighs. As if a cold drop of urine were passing. PA Stitches in urethra. 7* Stitches and burning while urinating. 11* Pressing, in renal region, disturbing sleep. Tensive, while riding. Twitching, in bladder. Burning in orifice at night. Burning in urethra during coition, < ejaculation. OB Sudden and violent urging to urinate. Frequent urination. 2* Urine profuse, colourless, clear, lemon-coloured; 7* scanty and dark. Viscid, glutinous mucus from urethra. Urine cold. Urine flows slowly or in drops; has to press for passing urine. 5* Urine not profuse [as a rule]; 6* scanty urine in nervous women [Ign. profuse]; 11* lessened in rheumatism. 11* Weakness of sphincter vesicae & dribbling. Profuse urine, even during diarrhoea. Urine: milky in afternoon, like whey; iridizing on surface. Tickling in orifice > cold water.
MalePA 11* Spasmodic drawing in l. testis and spermatic cord. OB 2* Sexual desire increased; 7* & relaxed penis. After coition, great debility, profuse [11* night] sweat, burning and itching of skin; tension and pressure under ribs. Semen hot. Premature ejaculation. Testes painfully retracted. Old gleet. Complaints after sexual debauches. 4* Seminal emissions, without dreams. 7* After an emission great debility and lassitude; pains and weakness in thighs. 10* Increased sexual desire in morning. 11* Erections night and morning. Sexual power much diminished, nothing can produce an erection. Ejaculation insufficient or very late; voluptuous ecstasy wanting. Has to squeeze penis from disagreeable crawling in urethra, only in front part of penis. Excessive itching of genitals.
FemalePA Tearing, pressive, in genitals and back, & itching. Severe bearing-down, [7* almost intolerable], esp. after menopause; 4* post-climacteric prolapsus. Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea. 5* Violent pressing, tearing, in back and abdomen, during too profuse menses. 6* Bearing down on lifting. 11* Labour-like cramps, must lie down. OB Menses increased, earlier. Sexual excitement. Nipples burn, itch; 2* look red; during pregnancy. Complaints following parturition and coition. Leucorrhoea, & much itching. 2* Metastasis, from suppressed milk; to brain, abdominal troubles, etc. Leucorrhoea, dark, bloody, excoriating, patient is unable to walk. Itching, & sexual desire. 4* Menses & titillation in genital organs and desire for coition.
LarynxSE 7* Oppression and constriction of larynx, fears suffocation.
Respiration – Laboured, oppressed. 7* Difficult; noisy. Frequent deep sighing; 11* & rapid beating of heart. 11* Impeded at night, from closure of nose by thick mucus. Rapid, & heat all over and sweat, most in face. Suffocative fits & anxiety and fainting. Dyspnoea while walking, has to stand still to get breath.
Cough – Violent attacks that can be suppressed by effort of will, < eating; pain in head while cough lasts. Spasmodic, at night after falling asleep, & expectoration of little balls of mucus. Ends in a sneeze; 2* isolated coughing attacks, then sneezing. 2* Comes as from spine. 7* Sudden convulsive, < forenoon, or during day. Dry hacking, in forenoon. 11* Convulsive, hacking, & anxious sweat. With rattling of mucus, without expectoration. Dry, after dinner. Has to sit up in bed, or cough takes his breath. Has to sit down when cough comes.
Sputum – 2* Easy expectoration of floculi or balls of mucus. 11* Large brown lumps. Mucous, < mornings.
ChestSE 2* Chest as if too narrow; 11* or as if too full of blood. 11* Tension in lower part of chest during motion and when sitting, taking away his breath. Pressure on chest and heavy sensation. Chest as if sprained, < deep breathing. Anxiety in chest. Of contraction of sternum. PA 11* Stitching behind sternum most at end of expiration. Stitches in r. lung while walking. Severe burning in chest. Sore, deep in chest, first l., then r. Shooting tearing, in small spots on external chest. Shooting in axilla. OB 11* Rattling of mucus in chest, < mornings and when lying on back. Jerking, subsultus of all pectoral muscles. Burning biting pimples on chest.
HeartSE Cardiac region oppressed, as if thorax were narrowed. 11* Anxious sensation of pressure in heart, oppression on bending body down.
BackSE 2* Spine seems short. Pain, as from fatigue. Muscles of back feel tight, as if they would break on bending. As if cold air were spreading along back, like an aura. 7* Peculiar sensation of weakness and stiffness between scapulae, c neck. Pain in back, as after continued stooping. 11* As if cold water were running down back, on leaning back in chair. Of ants creeping along spine. Neck as if sprained when turning head to left. As if large splinters were pushed into back. Coldness below scapula, as if touched by a piece of ice. Pressure in sacrum like a heavy load, as if it would burst. Sacrum as if beaten or dislocated. Os coccygis as if dry. PA With sensitiveness of spine to touch [11* < mornings]; < dorsal region. Lumbago, < open air; 2* < sitting. 2* Painful weakness and soreness. Shooting, burning along spine. In lumbar region and sacrum, a sort of crick in back, c nape, < stooping. 4* Sudden and violent stitch in sacrum, while walking in open air. 5* Deep stitches, burning, itching along spine and limbs. Extreme pain and soreness in lower dorsal regions, becomes a pulsating on motion. Numerous and severe, in spine, boring, stitching, drawing, soreness, etc.; mostly in lower dorsal region; these sensations c nape and limbs; < walking in open air. 7* Aching in back after dinner, esp. in a spot in middle, & sensitiveness to touch and motion. Spasmodic and drawing, c middle of chest and into oesophagus. Painfulness along spinal cord when stooping. Every turning motion of body = pain in spine. 10* IN SACRAL REGION < SITTING, COMPELLED TO LIE ON BACK. 11* Stitches in cervical vertebrae. Frequent sharp stitches as from splinters on dorsal vertebrae. Painful pulsation in spinal canal. Biting burning in a small place on spine. Violent, in first and second lumbar vertebrae, when turning. In sacrum and loins, < lying on r. side, > turning on l. OB Crick in back. Twitching of cervical muscles. Weakness in loins. 2* Single vertebrae sensitive to heat. 3* Spine sensitive, > pressure. 4* SPINAL IRRITATION, DUE TO SEXUAL EXCESSES. 7* Stiffness in nape. Spinal symptoms < walking in open air, and > being warm in bed. 11* Swelling of cervical glands.
LimbsSE 11* Joints feel as if dislocated. All limbs as if beaten, after slight exertion. Numb. PA Rheumatism > motion; 4* tearing pains in limbs, which are continuous while at rest, but disappear on moving about. 5* Pains often > motion. 7* In limbs, & lameness from numbness. Cramps in hands and feet; body convulsed, as if a galvanic battery were applied to spine. 11* Cramplike, in muscles, erratic, when sitting. In bones, morning and forenoon, esp. l. tibia, condyle of l. elbow [like syphilitic pains, but > rather than < in warmth of bed]. In long bones, as if bruised, after motion. Muscular soreness as it remains in some cases after fever, in attacks of influenza. OB Stiff all over. 7* Paralysis of upper and lower limbs; 4* from incipient softening of spinal cord. 11* Cracking and other noises in joints. Hands and feet very sensitive to cold.
UpperSE 2* Burning [7* redness], itching of both hands, as if frozen; 7* as from splinters; as if burnt on surface. 11* As if thousands of splinters were in deltoid when lifting arm. Coldness as from ice in point of elbow, or as from splinters. PA Paralytic, in l. arm followed by palpitation. 11* Rheumatic, in r. deltoid, < moving joint backward. Electric stitches in olecranon of each arm. Spasmodic, in thumb. OB Trembling of hands. 2* Arms restless. Fingers fly spasmodically while holding things. 7* Stiffness in fingers as from gout. 11* Right hand unsteady while writing; arm feels paralyzed from much writing. Twitching and spasms in arms, > doing hard work. Upper shaken as from an electric shock. Itching on arms. Cold hands. Nails blue. Warm sweat on palms. Middle finger often deadens and remains a long time sensitive to cold. Fingertips blue.
LowerSE Numbness of legs on crossing them; 2* violent pain in thighs on crossing them. 2* Legs feel heavy. Feels as if her limbs did not belong to her. 11* Nates as if cold, c down legs. Hip-joints as if heads of bones were pulled from sockets. As of a plug on outer side of thigh, above knee. As if lead were hanging on legs. Legs as if they had been knocked from under. As if blood were glowing in veins of feet. Heels as if beaten, when standing. Electric shocks through lower limbs, suddenly awaking him. PA Cramp in soles; 11* at night. In shin bone. Neuralgia in locomotor ataxia. Tearing painful contractions in calves. 2* In hips, < lying. 6* Growing pains, child must be by the fire to keep limbs from getting cold. 11* In leg, esp. in region of r. hip-joint, as from fatigue. Drawing, pressive, in legs, esp. in ankles. In legs < standing or sitting, > walking or motion. Violent tearing in l. buttock, & sensation of coldness, wakening him from sleep. In thighs, as after a long journey on foot. Electric stitches or spasmodic pain in anterior part of thigh. Violent stitches in both knees, followed by weakness. In bones of legs, as if in periost; as if in marrow. Burning in tibia. Tearing, stitches, burning or heaviness in calves. Painful prostration in legs, can’t go up stairs. Aching in legs as after a prostrating sickness. Crampy, in ankle-joints, c heels. OB Uncertain gait; 4* stumbles over everything in the way; feels pain as if beaten, when standing. Itching of toes and feet as if frozen. Paralysis of lower limbs, & spasmodic condition [2* slight spasms] of arms. 2* Buttocks cold. 4* Reeling and staggering to and fro, when walking in open air. 11* Toes itch and burn; are red and swollen as if frost-bitten. Itching on condyles of hip bone. Boils on nates. Itching and crawling on dorsi of feet. Feet cold like ice up to ankles. Painful swellings in toes like nails growing in.
SleepParoxysms of yawning. Yawning, followed by involuntary laughter. Restless sleep from violent itching and burning. Starts, twitches on falling asleep; awakes often [11* and is wide awake]. Drowsy in daytime; 7* unusual sleepiness. 2* Yawning; frequent; before pains or spasms; as a concomitant. 11* Yawning, & stretching, most of arms. Yawning & sneezing. Sleeplessness from rush of ideas.
Dreams – Vivid. 11* Unpleasant, awaking from sleep. Dreams he could not open his mouth on account of pain in maxillary joint, and that they made him smell caustic ammonia, which awakened him. Dreams as if he was walking up and down in his room and reading, while he was sure he was in bed; could not overcome it. Anxiety as if suffocating, in his dreams.
Chill – Very sensitive to cool air; 11* great chilliness in open air, strikes through whole body. 2* Chills or sweats easily. 7* Chilly on slight movement, or from raising bedclothes. Shiverings over body, running from above downward. 11* Can’t get warm in room, early in morning. During headache, giddiness. With yawning; blue hands; want of strength; bad humour; dull senses and no appetite. Internal, & natural warmth of skin. With warm face, hands and feet. Unpleasant coldness in whole body after going to bed. Body cold, head hot. With gooseflesh.
Heat – Violent attacks, in evening. Burning spots. 11* Slight, chiefly on upper part of body. All over, becomes burning, has to uncover lower limbs; blood seems to run glowing through vessels.
Sweat – Copious, 7* when walking, or from least exertion. 2* On alternate sides. At night. 5* Profuse inodorous, often localised; chest. 11* Greasy, but not offensive, all night, during sleep; often only on front of body. Cold, on face, neck, chest. During stool. At night, from anxious palpitation of heart. Most on lower limbs, evening and night.
SkinBurning, itching, redness, and swelling, as from frostbite. Pimples, hard, like fleabites. Miliary eruption, & intolerable itching, burning. Chilblains. Angioneurotic oedema. Rosacea. Swollen veins & cold skin. Circumscribed erythematous, papular and pustular and oedematous lesions. 2* Itching changes place on scratching. Skin painful when cold. Itching over affected parts. Slight blow = ecchymosis. 11* Sensation as if skin were pasted on. Itching stitches in various parts. Itching without any eruption. Itching eruption of easily bleeding whitish nodules on abdomen and lower limbs, spreading. Sebaceous tumours. Crusty eruptions. Indolent and fistulous ulcers.
ModalitiesWorse: COLD AIR; FREEZING AIR; OPEN AIR; stormy weather. Before thunderstorms. Mental exhaustion. Coition. Debauchery. Alcohol. Pressure; on dorsal spine [1* which causes involuntary laughter]. Touch. Morning. During menses. Sun. Fright. 4* After motion. After eating.
Better: Gentle [slow] motion.
9* All symptoms < cold weather, esp. headache. Looking out of an open window = toothache and pains in limbs. Drinking cold water < . Many symptoms appear when walking in the open air; this is a very general and characteristic aggravation. On the other hand, all symptoms are < indoors and at rest, except vertigo, which may be either < or > in a room. Conversely to sensitiveness to cold there is sensitiveness to the rays of the sun, and sunstroke is within the curative range of Agar.
Conditions – 7* Applicable more to persons with light hair and lax skin and muscles; in old people with indolent circulation; in drunkards, esp. for their headaches. 6* Nervous men who have tingling and crawling all over.
9* Mushrooms are among the articles of diet forbidden by Grauvogl to persons having the “hydrogenoid constitution”, as described by him, in which the patients are exceedingly sensitive to cold air and damp.
RelationsCompare: Ars. [hot needles; Agar. ice-cold needles]; Bov.; Cann-i.; Cic. [spasm of eyes]; Cimic.; Cod. [spasm of eyelids]; Coff. [ecstasy]; Myg.; Op.; Stict.; Stram. [alcoholism; chorea]; Tarent.; Verat. [icy cold feeling in head]; Agar. stands between Stram. and Lach.; 2* Phys.; Tub.; 4* Calc., Cann-i., Cimic., Hyos., Kali-p., Lach., Nux-v., Op. and Stram. [delirium tremens]; Myg., Tarent. and Zinc. [chorea]; 7* Con.; Jabor.; Sec.; Puls.; 1* Agar-em.; Agar-ph.; Muscin.; 10* Arg-n. [anxiety about health; twitching]; Cupr.; Nit-ac. [anxiety about health; < morning on waking]; Rhus-t. Follows well: Bell.; Calc.; Merc.; Op.; Puls.; Rhus-t.; Sil. Followed well by: Tarent. [typhoid & rolling of head]. Antidoted by: Charcoal; coffee; wine; brandy; camphor; fat or oil [relieves stomach]; Calc. [relieves icy coldness]; Puls.; Rhus-t. [nightly backache]. Complementary: 2* Calc.
Causation – Coition, subjective symptoms arising after. Frost. Sun. Fright. Mental exertion or excitement. Overexertion. Sexual excesses. Alcoholism. Blood poisoning.

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