Why a training?


Following the Declaration of Homeopathic Principles, there was a need to dispense training for all those keen to apply them. Homeopathy requires a lot of time to be learned, which is even more difficult to secure if one has to travel weekly back and forth in order to attend the trainings. Moreover, no serious medical training is conceivable without the clinical component. Attending weekly consultations and following patients’ progress is crucial if one is to master homeopathy. Internet solves these problems by allowing you to learn from the comfort of your house, wherever you may be. You can follow both the course and live cases most importantly, after signing a confidentiality agreement so that patients are guaranteed medical secrecy.




Technical equipment

We use professional video equipment that yields high-quality results. The video board is powered by a high-end TriCaster equipment, that create a virtual setting in real time. Our big office then only exists in the form of bits of information in the video memory of your computer screen. The shooting is done with three Sony EX3 cameras. Finally, our streaming server is the best in the world, Brightcove.



Who is the course addressed to?

To physicians and medical students from the second year on, midwives, nurses, veterinarians and pharmacists. But all professionals recognized in their respective countries, and even private individuals can enroll in our three-year course.

To health professionals, in order to validate your profile, we would like you to send us a copy of your ID, full address, and proof of your training (copy of diploma, proof of registration in your college of physicians etc.). We also expect you to return a signed confidentiality document guaranteeing the medical secrecy of « live » studied cases.

A final exam will crown the three year course, which is an introduction to homeopathy (it will be recommended in fact to follow a continuous training). Only physicians can obtain the ECH (European Committee for Homeopathy) diploma, achieving accreditation at a European level. Our school is accredited by the Swiss Society of Homeopathic Physicians (SSHP) and is certified for the continuous training of homeopaths in Switzerland.

For non-physicians, we will issue a Planete Homeo diploma certifying the completion of the three-year course. Supporters, parents and patients, eager to have some knowledge of homeopathy: you are also welcome. Indeed, we believe your training is essential not only for you and your family but also for the development of homeopathy. We would like to provide all those who wish it the means to better take charge of their health and cope with common health problems. But most of all, we wish that you become advocates for the new medicine. Studying the discipline  will be enable you to pinpoint the absurdity of the official system, you may even be able to teach your GP what classical homeopathy is. If nothing else, it will make it easier for you to choose a qualified homeopath. You may even refer these colleagues to us to complete their training, because not everyone had the chance to study homeopathy at its source!

This is why starting from 2013, a series of programs and talks about health and family medicine will be put online. We also recommend that you follow package 1 which lays the foundation of homeopathy.


The phrase « Homeopathic theory  » is an oxymoron, as homeopathy is based only on the observation of natural phenomena, which allows the deduction of curative laws without any speculation or other risky assumptions about the nature of life and origin of disease. We have not found a better term to designate the teaching of homeopathic fundamentals other than practice at the bedside of the sick.

« Live » Clinical cases

A minimum of 2 hours per week; Online, real time consultations which are broadcast over the Internet to students who have the opportunity to take part, ask questions, etc. Each week we will also see follow ups of clinical cases with at least one year of hindsight. All of this amounts to 80 hours a year.

Each case will address specific points in the Materia Medica, the Organon and the Repertory. Prescription strategies, case management, repetition of doses, potency and dose selection, etc. are all issues that will be raised during the clinical case.

On the ground

After delays of implementation we can offer this year to those who have validated the first year, thanks to a partnership with HSF, a stay of 1 to 3 weeks in homeopathic hospitals in Benin and Madagascar.

Subscriptions and ethics policy

Planete Homeo reserves all rights to ban, with or without notice, access to the training for people whose attitude proves to be a breach of common courtesy and medical ethics. Will be excluded in particular dogmatists, and those exhibiting a behavior not in keeping with that of a curious student eager to learn: defiance, taunting, sarcasm, and other hostile behaviors. Also, members of the school who even partially disclose patient information, medical or otherwise, will be immediately banned. None of the offenders will see their paid fees reimbursed.


The objective of the first year is to show to students that homeopathy is, when it comes to care through medication, the only possible curative method in medicine, which must be governed by laws and principles deduced from the observation of nature.

Our goal is to train true homeopaths who are worthy of patients trust, and not mere prescribers of homeopathy.

We take it as agreed that students should be fully acquainted with all fields of medicine (pathology, diagnosis, prognosis, etc.) as medicine cannot be reduced to therapeutics, just like a learner of homeopathy cannot pretend to be a physician if he hadn’t studied medicine in general.

Students will learn to clearly discern when the indications for an allopathic palliative method are present. The entire course revolves around the comprehensive study of the 6th edition of the Organon translated by Boericke. Students are encouraged to attend the lectures « live » to have a chance to take part and give their input. Of course, videos will afterwards be available for replay.

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