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Dears friends of Homoeopathy,

As you may know, I’ve been teaching the Organon, here, on Planete Homeo WebTv for almost 2 years now. To my knowledge, it’s the first time such an enterprise has been launched using an interactive WebTv, full HD video format, virtual studios, etc. For those who don’t know me yet, a little sketch is to be found here.




Dr. Edouard Broussalian

Dr. Edouard Broussalian in Belle Ile en Mer.

Many students met during my international seminars in different countries urged me to start my lectures in English. I admit that I have been putting it off for a while as I consider that my level of English may not yet be fluent enough. But I guess it’s going to be a kind of interaction between you and me, and no doubt my vocabulary will expand  little by little as your homeopathic knowledge does the same.

Please note the date of the first lecture: Monday, March 3, at 3 pm CET (time of Paris if you prefer). We will discuss later what’s the best time to satisfy most users. It’ll be a free lesson that you can follow live on this page, or watch later as a VOD.

A genuine homoeopath can be recognized to the fact that he has understood that there is a therapeutic law, and principles that he constantly applies in his work. He or she are easy to spot: time only increases their enthusiasm, rather than wears it out.

How to train a good homoeopath? The answer is twofold:

1)   The Organon. One who hasn’t studied, understood, and thoroughly mastered the Organon cannot reach the standards of the profession.

2)   Clinical teaching. Only by following live cases treated by a good teacher and commented by him could one achieve any progress. This was the role of our homoeopathic hospitals, which were sadly destroyed.  Only our Indian brethren are used to studying our Master’s masterpiece during years and have homeopathic hospitals. But in the rest of the world we don’t have academies anymore, nor real schools where people could attend lectures every day.

How can we address this problem? Typically, in a clinical seminar we can approach a few subjects, but what we really need in order to succeed is a kind of real homoeopathic school, where students could come every day and follow their lectures and see patients, or at least be able to follow live interviews of patients.

The only solution seems to be an interactive internet teaching. Mark these three words: a) Internet b) teaching c) interactive. Let us develop.

There must be a good reason why almost all American universities now propose an eLearning. What are the advantages? Obviously, there is no need to rent expensive classrooms anymore, no journeys to where seminars are held, no more catering and parking expenses, etc. It’s really the school coming to the students’ homes.

We are witnessing a revolution in the way knowledge is spread, it is something comparable to the invention of the printing press. This is evidenced by this new phenomenon: the reach of universities, formerly within a few hundred kilometers, has now expanded its outreach to the whole planet.


Dr Ed teaching in the virtual studio. He is already known as the one who says what he believes and who believes what he says.

The magic recipe is Internet as a medium, connected to cutting edge Video technology, publishing hubs, video virtual sets, HD video. This entails very important investments, hence the scarcity of such training opportunities, to say the least.

The huge advantage is to provide the indispensable continuous teaching, targeting anybody on Earth, thus multiplying our chances to train new competent practitioners. Too often, the so-called “trainings” in homoeopathy rest on poor summaries, take place a few sparse weeks in the year, and voila!! you have completed your first year!

In order to master the Organon and thus to lay the foundations of a serious homeopathic knowledge, one needs about 300 to 400 hours exclusively dedicated to this study. And since we don’t have schools anymore, nor dedicated buildings as in the past, Internet seems to be the only way to solve this time equation.

As to the disadvantages: apart from the need for a good internet connection, the trap would be to broadcast only pre-recorded shows. We see here how important is the need for an interaction between the instructor and the pupils. This interactivity is secured through different means:

1 ) the extensive resort to forums and interactive blogs or forums, where experienced students help newcomers, creating thus a very strong team spirit. We see here the need for a whole website, which rhymes with even more costs.

2 ) the possibility to ask questions directly to the professor, generally with Skype-like tools.

3 ) full HD recordings and broadcasting, because nobody would follow a lecture recorded with a basic camera. Here we see how important is the interaction between the message and the medium, especially if a high quality production is coupled with professional teaching.

4 ) real meetings at least a few times a year.

Success comes only when all these conditions are met, as a hindsight of a bit more than one year of French lectures has shown us. We have a class of more than 100 enthusiastic people and corresponding clinical results, and more than 8000 people participating on the Forum.

Time is ripe now to begin the English course! This is, according to me, the only way to spread widely the knowledge of homoeopathy so desperately needed by a suffering humanity.

Hope to see you soon

Please feel free to send any questions you may have to

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