Observation 3

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The patient feels better in all respects, after an initial aggravation, but still some minor problems remain unchanged.


Levels: A and B

Diagnosis: dose too weak.

This is the kind of cases that are very tricky to deal with using a dry dose, as one is forced to wait as long as possible to see how far the organism would go, while avoiding possible antidoting causes.

With the liquid dose, the situation is much easier to manage. This is the case when it is fit to change our point of reference when it comes to deciding whether to increase the dose.

For example, when a patient reports feeling great but still complains of his old constipation. We should in such case gradually increase the dose using the constipation as a reference point. After a few ascending doses, constipation will capitulate cuing us to stop and let the body cope and decide itself the intervals for repetition with the return of constipation.

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