Observation 4

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Observation 4

After an initial aggravation, more or less marked, there is a local and general improvement, but we notice the appearance of new symptoms that belong to the prescribed medicine.

Levels : A and B, often C as well.

Diagnosis : Excellent homeopathicity on a hypersensitive patient.

The aggravation you have been able to moderate with the small dose indicates that the patient has a good defense system. A general improvement is emerging and the patient has progressed very well in all respects.

The occurrence of this « ripple effect » symptom indicates the great sensitivity of the patient to the dose that was closely matching in terms of similarity, but this very sensitive patient happens to be quickly overdosed, such reactions are usually seen after a fairly sharp aggravation anyway. Typically, such patients are found to be acutely sensitive to LM doses. It would be best to start off with a centesimal dose such as a 30 or 200c.

Sometimes such sensitive patients would react in this way to any administered dose, which makes them ideal provers, but much less fun to treat!

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