Observation 5

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Observation 5

Physical symptoms improve after an initial aggravation in the beginning of treatment, but no reaction is observed on the emotional and mental levels, or on the overall energy level.

Levels: A and B but without emotional and mental issues. C needing several consecutive remedies.

Diagnosis: Partial homeopathicity.

Unless you are dealing with high levels of health where the energy level is such that the symptoms are confined to the physical plane, this scenario is typical of group C cases that come to you for a physical condition that needs urgent tending. In such cases you are obliged to rely on the newly appeared set of symptoms. Once the crisis overcome, you can better see the medicine that is most suitable for the totality.

This is the kind of cases that are best opened by the administration of Aconite, Nux vomica, etc, before giving Sulphur or Sepia. By that we raise the energy level and the patient can better withstand the powerful drug to follow.

In this case you repeat when the physical symptom or symptoms return, coaxing the case forward slowly and step by step.

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