5.9 Homeopathy Principles of the new medicine

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Découvrez ce livre en langue anglaise, où les soixante dix premiers aphorismes de l'organon sont commentés par le Docteur Edouard BROUSSALIAN

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Découvrez ce livre homéopathique  » Homeopathy Principles of the new medicine «  en langue anglaise où le Docteur Edouard BROUSSALIAN adapte et commente les soixante dix premiers aphorismes de la sixième édition de l’Organon de Samuel Hahnemann

Préface d’André SAINE

The Organon of the Healing Art, true to its etymology, is intended as an instrument for all homeopaths. This shining but unloved working tool has been neglected by generations of practitioners ever since its first edition in 1810. Yet, Hahnemann never ceased to reviseand improve it until its 6th edition, published posthumously in 1920.

Hahnemann was a scholar of the Enlightenment, his literary and scientific mastery were astounding. He was convinced that medicine must have scientific foundations and that it had to be reformed.
Relying on empirical experiments constantly reenacted throughout his life, he postulated that there is a consistent set of theorems governing the therapeutic prescription.
In a word, without knowledge of the Organon, neither long-term success in homoeopathic prescribing is to be expected, nor healing of acute and chronic diseases. Examination of the patient, miasms, pathogenesis, dissimilar diseases, …, all the basics are exposedwith the customary rigor and conciseness of the founder. Paragraphs 1-70 of the Organon, where the fundamental theoretical principles are laid out, make up the first part of this educational adaptation. This book, through contemporary updates and historical contextualization, using commentaries, practical and clinical notes, seeks to reintroduce this ageless perennial work to all homeopathy enthusiasts.

Edouard Broussalian is a dissident. Seeing how homeopathic teaching is carried out today, oversimplifying the message and the method for the most part, he chose the more difficult path of trusting in the ability of students to remain true to the principles of the oldmasters of homeopathy, thus ensuring the best chance     for the sick to be healed. While a medical student, he imbibed homeopathy from his father, Georges Broussalian, whostudied under Peter Schmidt. He was later able to stand on his own two feet, translate Kent’s Repertory and explore the liquid dose method. He has been teaching homeopathy since 1995 with his eloquence and infectious, sometimes sardonic enthusiasm. In this
book, he generously shares his wide knowledge and makes the basic methodology of homeopathy accessible to all.