A short registration guide

1) Log on to your forum account. If you do not have an account, then it is time to create one free. The video packages you will buy are linked to that account.

Assurez vous que vous êtes bien connecté sur le forum.

Make sure you are logged in to the forum.






2) Go to the Shop, to purchase package 1.


You can select the Item you need among the products in the shop.

It is important to start at the beginning. Even if you already have some experience in homeopathy, chances are you never really dived into the Organon.

The goal of the training is to provide you with a solid knowledge base on which to build a firm and sound practice of homeopathy.

It is therefore strongly recommended to start with Package1! Lectures as well as the questions of students from the first graduating class of 2012 are already recorded.

You can post on the forum any questions you have. All the other students as well as Dr. Broussalian are there to help you.

Question-and-answer sessions are regularly scheduled live online, to which you are of course invited. You will find the announcement of the event and related information on the forum, all you need to do then is make a skype call on the evening of the meeting to talk directly to Dr. Broussalian.


3) Click on the button Subscribe for one year.

Sur la page du Package 1

On Package 1 page

The purchase of the course gives you unlimited access to your package for one year.

To make a purchase, it is necessary to have a Paypal account, they are the ones managing subscriptions and sending you a notification when your subscription comes to an end after one year.

Paypal is currently the most secure payment gateway and the only one available worldwide.

Creating a Paypal account takes only a few minutes. Click on this link with your Visa credit card (for example) ready to hand. Using a Paypal account for your Internet purchases adds another security layer to your online financial transactions, and in the future you may very well find yourself using this account for many other transactions.
4) The purchase checkout page is comprised of two zones: the billing address and the order.

Check out page. Address zone.

Check out page. Address zone.

If you have a promotional code, this is where to fill it in, in the upper part of the window. The discount is then instantly applied and the price appears at the bottom in the order area.

Then it’s time to fill out your contact information.

Fields marked with an * are required.

Normally, you would not have to fill in your email address; it is automatically detected because you would already be logged in to the forum.

The system would automatically generate a WordPress account containing all your purchased videos.

Do not change your email address, as this will create several different accounts, each containing the videos you purchased using it.


Let’s see now how your order appears at the bottom of the Checkout page.

Commande. Order.


The Product column displays the package you are about to order.

On the same line you see the price of your purchase, i.e. 110 euros.

As usual with this type of purchases, you must tick the famous box « I have read and agree to the terms and conditions, » only this time, it is vital that you thoroughly read the terms and conditions, as they are our school’s Confidentiality agreement.

Indeed, packages contain consultations of patients who have given us permission to film them, and it would be up to you to bind yourself to their medical confidentiality.

Your registration will be confirmed once we receive your confidentiality agreement, which you will have to print out, fill out and sign. You will be asked to send it to us along with the other required documentation to: contact@planete-homeo.org


5) Paypal page.

Paypal Page.

Paypal Page.

Now you need to fill in the email address you used to log into your Paypal account, and the password.

You now have access to your Package1. This is guaranteed to get you hooked; the real problem would be how not to let this new addiction ruin your family life!



6) To access your course, (after making sure you are logged in to the Forum) simply go to the “Homeopathic School” menu, and click “Course”.


Access to the course.









Welcome to Planete Homeo community.




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