Fatals Errors : Totality of symptoms

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An other fatal error is the comprehension of the prescribing on the totality of symptoms Homeopathicaly Yours AD. LIPPE It is a fatal error to teach that the totality of symptoms means the pathological state which we have before us, be it a functional or already an abnormal organic one; that to prescribe for the totality of symptoms is a …

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Common Mistakes in Homoepathic Prescribing

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How Not To Do It By MARGARET TYLER,[1] MD., London, ENGLAND The Homeopathician, Ferbruary, 1912 “If the physician clearly perceives what is to be cured in disease,… if he clearly perceives what la curative in medicine … and if he knows how to adapt, according to clearly defined principles, what is curative in medicine to what is undoubtedly morbid in …

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Angina Tonsillaris; Tonsillitis; Amygdalitis: Quinsy.

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  DISEASES OF AIR-PASSAGES. PARENCHYMATOUS INFLAMMATION OF THE FAUCES. ANGINA TONSILLARIS; TONSILLITIS; AMYGDALITIS: QUINSY. C. P. HART, M. D., WYOMING, OHIO, EDITOR. AMERICAN OBSERVER, 1880, Vol. VII, PRACTICE OF MEDICINE   Under this head we shall, for the sake of convenience, include all deep-seated inflammations of the throat, whether simple or phlegmonous as the tonsils are most affected in these …

An Address Preliminary to the Study of Homeopathics

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JAMES TYLER KENT By Julia C. Loos [One of the most devoted contributors and the backbone behind the publishing of THE HOMEOPATHICIAN.] If each one of our readers could sit for a while beside Dr. Kent on the bench in his garden, and have a professional that with him, it would not take long to learn why he is, today, …

The study of Materia Medica

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My friend E.J. Lee has just suggested to me to republish his excellent article on materia medica, initially published in the Homeopatic physician March 1881. It is dedicated to all the new english students of Dr Broussalian, “Homeopathically” yours   A. Lippe Uundoubtely, the most perplexing problem presented to the student of medicine is the Materia Medica. His first idea on …

Drug Proving

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  It is a great pleasure for me to “republish” some of my old articles. Here is one, published in The Homoeopathic Physician July 1881, dealing with the provings and how to well prove a drug. “Homeopathically” Yours, A. Lippe   Our knowledge of the curative virtues of drugs depends on our knowledge of their sick-making properties; this latter can …

Pathological prescribing : A “science falsely so-called.”

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My colleague Dr Lee , proposed in July 1881 (“The Homeopathic Physician”) an article which, I think, follows well my comments on the third paragraph of the Organon. He reminds us that “superficial prescribing” will not heal ! ” Homeopathically Yours” , Dr A. Lippe   There have been from Hahnemann’s day to the present, those in the homoeopathic school, …

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The third paragraph of Hahnemann’s “Organon” with comments

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Let me inaugurate my fisrt participation as publisher on a website with this article  i wrote in april 1881 for  the monthly journal “The Homeopathic Physician”. It’s a  comment on the thrid paragraph of the Organon. ” When the physician clearly perceives in disease that, which, in each individual case of sickness, is to be especially cured (diagnostic indications), “When …