Similia Similibus Curantur

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Today, it is an article by Dr. FOOTE (The homeopathic Physician July, 1881). Here, he pays tribute to Hahnemann, to the law of cure. Enjoy the reading, “Homoeopathically yours”, A. LIPPE. Paul was an innovator, writing his epistles some 1800 years ago; Galileo, at a later date, astonished the world with innovations upon the accepted physical sciences of his day; …

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The “Law” ; Is this all ?

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Today, I would like to introduce this excellent article of Dr Pearson. If the law of similars is all that constitutes Homoeopathy, we are disciples of Hippocrates, not of Hahnemann. A class of pseudo homoeopaths insists on engrafting the name of the latter on the crude theories of the former; and could they succeed, the death of Homoeopathy would only …

Homoeopathy Vindicated as Cost-Effective by the Swiss Government

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Paper of Dana Ullman. In a story akin to “the mouse that roared,” the Swiss government has determined that the very small doses commonly used in homeopathic medicine are both effective and cost-effective. Despite the impressive technological prowess of conventional medicine today, the Swiss government has determined that homeopathy is considerably more cost effective. My previous article highlighted a remarkable …