Fatals Errors : Totality of symptoms

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An other fatal error is the comprehension of the prescribing on the totality of symptoms Homeopathicaly Yours AD. LIPPE It is a fatal error to teach that the totality of symptoms means the pathological state which we have before us, be it a functional or already an abnormal organic one; that to prescribe for the totality of symptoms is a …

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The third paragraph of Hahnemann’s “Organon” with comments

Dans Organon by Adolph LippeLaisser un commentaire

Let me inaugurate my fisrt participation as publisher on a website with this article  i wrote in april 1881 for  the monthly journal “The Homeopathic Physician”. It’s a  comment on the thrid paragraph of the Organon. ” When the physician clearly perceives in disease that, which, in each individual case of sickness, is to be especially cured (diagnostic indications), “When …