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This page was written for you who are discovering Planete Homeo and probably even homeopathy too in the process. Built around Dr. Edouard Broussalian and his students, this website is since 1996 one of the first defending and promoting homeopathy in the French language. From the homepage you can keep an eye on the content of the site namely:

– You can see the latest articles and everything recently posted on the forum

– The upcoming live broadcasts displayed in the image gallery

Web TV


The site will become a televised information platform on homeopathy. We invite you to follow our programs of popularization of homeopathy. The programs are held periodically on various topics. We raise practical issues, the basics of homeopathy, health, pediatrics, agro-homeopathy, self-medication, minor emergencies, how to observe a patient, or simply react to the news. We encourage you to take charge of your health by learning how homeopathy is revolutionizing medicine.


Almost unlimited resources

You will find many resources in the form of videos and articles written in a direct and activist style.


The library offers digital access to classics that are unfortunately long out of print. It is an actual Ali Baba’s cave we are opening. Indeed, for the first time in more than a century and a half, we are launching for our English speaking readership a number of practically never before published articles, by great classical authors such as Lippe, Hering, Berridge, Swan, Fincke and many others. This comes as the culmination of years of effort searching for microfilms, scanning them, digitalizing the text using OCR software and finally formatting them.


A community of more than 6000 members

Give your input in the forum about health issues of public, social, and political interest posed by homeopathy. All topics are covered: medical news, veterinary homeopathy, agro-homeopathy. Discussions are streaming in from every direction, everyone is invited.

Only by nurturing a hotbed of ideas will we be we able to change medicine. It is our turn to play.

Homeopathy Course

Dr. Edouard Broussalian leads the first fully theoretical and practical homeopathic training dedicated to professionals as well as to the informed public. You can now watch live from your home courses and consultations with patients. It is a doubly unique teaching, by virtue of its content and of its availability. The high quality videos are initially broadcast live, allowing to ask questions live and interact at will, then the video is stored as a VOD (video on demand) and available for one year.


The revolutionary aspect of this training is that it provides at last a curriculum revolving entirely around the Organon of Hahnemann, which makes what might be called the « theoretical » part of the course. The word well deserves to be put between quotes because there is no theory in homeopathy; It is based on an intelligent use of the observation of nature. The clinical component of the training will mostly predominate with over 2 hours of live consultations each week, each case thus raising the problems of diagnosis, dosage, and discussions about the Organon and Repertory.

The objective of the first year is to show students that, when it comes to curing using medication, homeopathy is the only possible method in medicine; one which must be governed by laws and principles deduced from the observation of nature. Our goal is to train true homeopaths, not just prescribers of homeopathy, in which patients can place their trust. Go to the School of Homeopathy page.

Where to go from here?

We recommend that you read the Declaration of homeopathic Principles, which represents the constitution around which our approach is based.

Then it is important to read the Organon. Even if you find the text complicated, you will at least have an idea about ​​the vast scope of this book that has not aged a bit, and about the genius of its author, Samuel Hahnemann. Click here to visit the forum and download a free copy of the Organon.

Take time to watch the introduction video to homeopathy.


The homeopathic edifice rests on the law of similars formulated by Samuel Hahnemann in 1790.

Homeopathy is neither a slow nor a « soft » medicine, it is not a panacea, it does not treat « evil with evil, » nor does it treat it with plants.

Despite 200 years of existence, those who see its revolutionary potential are only very few. Experimentation and homeopathic principles teach us the following:

• The perception of the patient as a unified entity and not as an assembly of organs.

• The exploration of the particular sensitivity of each individual, which governs their personal reactions to various environmental factors. Ignorance of this fundamental notion causes conventional medicine to be bogged down in a search for increasingly vague factors and increasingly questionable pathophysiological mechanisms, while homeopathy points to a complex and refined symptomatology.

• Putting to use this sensitivity through dynamized substances, which sets us free from the restrictions of the chemical field, so far the only one utilized by medicine.

• The rational prescribing of medicines based on laws and clear principles and not based on trendy canons.

• Pragmatism, rigor and the exclusion of conjecture, theories and speculation all place homeopathy above the fray.

We should expect from homeopathy very rapid and often spectacular results:

  • In acute diseases; we have to restore to conventional treatment only in cases of faulty prescription.
  • In chronic or recurrent diseases so that we can gradually wean the patient from his classic treatment. 

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